Wednesday 3 August 2011

One Piece x UNO & POP Shanks ! [+ Peter and E Hair Salon]

Hello all ~

Today I am so gonna talk about the one piece craze my boyfriend has !
*He is a HUGE one piece fan and he LOVE Nico Robin ttm ! LOL.

29th is our monthversary cause for us, we think that it's kind of (BORING~) to celebrate once a year since everyday is like a valentines day for us! ^^
*Shy! (*^^*)ポッ

So I've actually decided to order one piece's portrait of pirates Nico Robin for him!
BUT, it's OOS & it cost $400 on ebay ! (the price really risen like crazy)

Ok, then I think I am damn damn damn lucky to be able to find Red Haired Shanks at a lower cost at 
*But Shanks is not one of his favourite (T____T)

He likes, Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin most !
*just a little more info, I LOVE CHOPPER!

Yupp, in the end, I used the $100 that I owe my Boyfriend to buy this figurine 
which almost equals to he bought it for himself ! -_____- Zzz...

BUT, at least I went all the way to Pioneer to collect it ok?! I stay at Bishan leh!

Another thinggg I bought is this limited One Piece X UNO !!!!

It's OOS everywhere in SG so I've ordered from Japan instead!

Happy ~ that I got it cause we ended up playing it together.

The new One piece x UNO has 2 new power cards and 1 new rule !

1 new power card is Ace's Fire ! Which doubles any power card below it.

Another new power card is Hancock Stare ! Which when you place that card above a green/red card, you can "Stone" one person in the game which makes the person lose a turn!

The new rule is that, you dont say UNO when you're left with 1 card, you will say "I am going to be the pirate king!"

Overall, I really really love the new uno and everything though the UNO cost me $40 T___T

But it' ok ! I'm happy he's happy and it's enough ~~ !

Gonna talk about Peter and E hair salon now !

Remember my previous VLOG where I was talking about my hair colour and new hair style?

My current hair colour! Loves! *not black anymore!
I was totally complaining that my hair turned out blackish and didn't believe that the colour would fade off to be the colour I wanted 'cause the gap between the colours are just to freakingly huge la!

*My friend went and her scalp was BURNED by the treatment there. So I will not recommend the place to ANYONE.

That's all for this wordy long post !

Bye-bye !

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