Monday 12 September 2011

Home Boutique Event, HAPPENING AGAIN?!

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HAHAH, EPIC + Super lame title.
*What thing "HAPPENING AGAIN?!" Lol. So lame.

No la, this one is completely different from all previous ones I've attended.
(All previous one I attended is Shoponblog's and Fashion Hooks' one.)

I have been invited to Fashioncraze 
& HerFashionWorld Home Boutique Event !

Seems like there will be more going on yah? Hehe.

-off topic-

I left my camera with my BF T-T sian like sian sian sian~ 
No camera to take pictures!
*will get it back before the event!

-back to topic-

Yay! I have been invited and I am gonna make this my meet my readers session also?

We can sit at one corner and take pictures, have some tibits and chat? ^^ Yay!
Just like a tea party!

Too good to be true is that, this event is so near to my house and J8 
we can go J8 for dinner after the event and we can go walk walk and talk talk !

Oh, and if you don't know how to go to the event venue, feel free to sms me!

I will personally go down to Bishan MRT to fetch you to the venue! Yay!

I might bring down some lenses so that you all can buy, what do you think?

How many of you are coming for the event? 
You can e-mail me for my HP number first before heading down! 

-more details of the event-

Free Gifts will be given out when you spend more than $50 !! Yay !
If you spend $50 there you can get free gifts lor, what's better than this? LOL.

Things that will be selling :
*Tops & Dresses (Maxi Dress, T-shirt, Office Wear, Romper)
*Bottoms (Skirt, Shorts Leggings, Shorts)
*Accessories (Necklaces, Earrings & Rings, Bracelet)
*Bags (Imported from Taiwan - From Skyblue & PG Mall & more)
*Make up items (Will be selling some)
*Shoes (A few of it)
*Toy ( can hang at bag etc )
*Jackets (Cardigan)
* Wallets

Everything under $20!!!!!! 
New items price range of $20 - $30 only! $2 discount!
Sales item as low as $5 - $10! 
(I think this deal is... ZOMG lo)

You can preorder these Polaroids there too ^^

&&&&& More bloggers like myself will be there!


2) PeiShi  (

Yay ! I can't wait to see the other bloggers there too! Can take pictures and blog a whole loadful.

So who's free and attending this event? If you're coming, please let me know!

TIME : 12-5.30PM


Please "click" you're attending here (if you're attending la) : 

I hope to see you all there and also, I hope to have a nice meeting with my readers!

See ya !

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