Wednesday 14 September 2011

Customer first. Who gives a damn? =/ ok, HaruLoves gives a damn.

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LOL, today's post will totally show my attitude. Zzz.

1st of all, I am NOT someone who put myself down to sell things. I DO NOT work for ANYONE.
2nd of all, If you say that I am working for customers, then forget it, I dont need customers.
3rd, if you know anywhere else to get the stuffs, just go and get it.

Like I always say, if you can't go along with how I do things, then dont buy from me. LOL.

I am not in need of any money now anymore anyway.

I dont like to go along with others, I rather people follow me. LOL.
*Unless, Idk what I want I'll just go along.

-End of my blog topic-

Now to update what I've done today ! ^^

Early in the Morning I slept at 9plus, so I ordered MCD in the morning!
*ok, not morning, it's mid-night before 4am.

I woke up at 3.55pm T-T

Basically, I left house and cycled to J8 to meet Cynthia and Ee Eng to pass them their lenses then met LiYan to pass her the lenses at 7pm at Bishan MRT.

I didn't bring my iPad along and I was supposed to meet another girl called Wendi.
(so she tweeted me and I couldnt see, bad point of not having iPhone)

In the end I didnt meet Wendi though she was there waiting for me near breadtalk, I was at the MRT station there to meet LiYan thinking that she'll be there too. LOL.

Then Cynthia, me and Ee Eng went to Haagan Daiz to eat at 5plus while waiting for 7pm to meet the lenses people. 

2nd picture on my blog with my face without make-up T-T

She told me she wanna do a high Japanese Bun! So I did it for her~ & she love it! I changed her eye make-up too!

This one is before I changed her make-up for her.& hairstyle.

Yay, pretty not?!

Ok, then it's 7pm already. Went to pass to LiYan the lenses at Bishan MRT then went to unlock my bicycle to cycle home after that.

LOL. And Cynthia saw my bicycle and she went,

It was EPIC. LOL. I was like, I am also not so tall, what for have such a hugeeeee bicycle right?!

Then I went on cycling home....

-The End-



It's HaruLove by 
In case you all don't know, Wendy Ashley is a pretty famous MFP ( Blogger!

Really pretty and awesome! 

OK, now I shall talk about HaruLove.  

HaruLove is WendyAshley self-chosen imported apparels webstore.
& it is definitely for the love of Japanese Fashion lovers like us ! 
She modelled her own apparels too !

I personally really love these pieces !

Limited pieces so 

Go grab your apparels from HaruLove today ! 

Byeeeee ~

-The Post Really Ended-


  1. Ah~ careful Kiyomi! the mcdonalds  picture has your address D; Could be dangerous >W< 

    I wish they had delivery here in Aus :(

  2. Wendy Ashley has such cute clothes! <3
    btw.. shouldnt you have blurred your address details >.<;; i hope no one stalks you~~