Saturday 17 September 2011

Too bad if you missed it !

Ok ! I went to HerFashionWorld's Home Boutique Event today !

She had so so so many apparels there, gosh ! Yet a lot is not featured/showed in her blogshop !
Also, many clothes are prettier than shown on her blogshop T-T I dont really know why.

But they looked wonderful I actually HAULED some items from her !
Will show you all the apparels and cute stuffs that I've got from her in the next post tomorrow !

Oh, and did I mention that they sell pretty bags too?

The owner-Jane also baked some cookies for us ! How sweet !

Basically, I didnt know there's so many up-slopes (ok, I call them obstacles) to reach her place !
I cycled and perspired like a mad ~~ Something something.. LOL.
Then when I reach her place I was like, shag-like-mad ~ !

Saw Peishi there and took pictures with her with my shag-like-mad look ! Btw, Peishi is damn TINY can?!
She's like only 152cm and 28kg?! Gosh, how can someone be so tiny yet so skinny!
*Ok, she's a very pretty bag of bones... 

Her blog:
HAHAHAH, and I feel so FAT and GIGANTIC beside her ...

Btw, Chee Siong went too. I was thinking at first like .. will guys attend events like this?! 
It's like a shopping event leyhs!

But... HE WAS LUCKY ! 
Hahaha, the owner of HerFashionWorld offered Polaroid taking session 
where by a photo with me is only $3 !
Plus with my Signature and me "decorating" it !
*Just like Cheki! But Cheki with me WAS $5, this is cheaper! LOL.

So I took a picture with him & he paid $3 !
*not a wasted trip for him yah? Hahaha.

Ok, then of course, Cherie was also there! Yay! 
She's got the same name as me!
Her twitter name is : @CheriesBoomZ
Pretty cool ya?

She's gonna blog too, but her blog is still under construction so... ya ! No blog address for you !
OH, and she's only sec2 ! Young young young !

Oh, and the tickets have been fully given away! No more tickets for the runway! Sorry! Haha!

I have also joined this !
It's my first try so I don't think I can get in too. But please do view and give me some comments !
Okok? =/
Thanks in advance !

That's all, see you all again on my blog tomorrow !

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  1. I want cookies! your post suddenly made me crave for them hehehe