Friday 14 October 2011

Translating my Favourite Song.

 I've searched on google and realise there's no translation for this song!! T-T
Ubbbbber sad because I wanted to blog about it, so I've translated it personally in this post! Hehehe.

It's direct translation (still by me, as I've got lousy Chinese too)
so please don't mind that weird looking English phrases !

I love this song mainly because of it's lyrics thats why!

So here's the song :

每一天都不同 - 郭靜 (Claire Guo)
mei yi tian dou bu tong by guo jing
*Everyday is a different day

Here's the lyrics & it's translation to English ^^ : 

Verse 1 :

最讨厌  要下不下的雨
I hate the weather when it shows that the rain is about to come (but we dont know if it's coming).
*Like, the "contridicting" feeling where it's cloudy yet the rain isn't falling yet & we don't know if it's going to rain

可惜未来总是  扑朔迷离
It is pathetic as the future is not predictable.

如果摔的越痛  才越会飞行
If the harder I fall, the higher I can fly,
*The more painful it is, the better person I will stand up to be,

快把我  丢向最高的天空里
Please hurry, & throw me high up into the skies.
*To let me fall from the highest point so that it all hurts at a go and I can start to be a much better person than before.

Verse 2 :

不喜欢  别人说我幸运
I don't like it when others say that I am plain lucky

他们不懂 我有 多么努力
They do not know how much effort and hardwork I've put into it.

虽然冲动永远  比坚
Although being
impulse is much easier than being persistant

Precious things always need a lot of effort (and persistance)
*We need to be persistant, use a lot of effort and hardwork to achieve these precious things

Chorus :

碰到的事  每一天都不同

The things that we meet/experience everyday is different

有的给我眼泪  有的给我笑容
Some of the things we experience gives us tears, and some makes us smile

At the end of it (after all the experiences), we can treasure the time when the flowers bloom yet not being afraid that is whisper.
*Means, I can treasure the happy moments and not being afraid of losing it anymore. The experience is more important than the outcome.

走过的曲折 就全变成彩虹
The path that we walked (the experiences) are like rainbows. "Pretty at the moment, yet gone really fast".

遇见的人  每一天都不同
We meet different people everyday.

偶尔失去什么  偶尔学到什么
Sometimes we lose some things, yet sometime we gain things too.

Slowly, we can walk through the sandstorm and see the sunset.

每一天的我 要比昨天辽阔
It will be a better day after everyday's experiences.

Bridge :

During the times when I cannot trust and believe in myself,

you were always there for me and believing in me.

At this point of time(as I am looking back),

I have nothing to say anymore, only a hug from me to you will prove every feeling I have for you now.

Hehe, I hope you all liked my translation and the song ok? ^^



If you were to copy this, please credit me as I spent a long time thinking of how to traslate it properly.

See you all again !


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  2. Hello! Which part of Singapore r u from? How come today is friday in your place? :p
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