Friday 21 October 2011



If you have been following me on twitter, @kiyomilim, or keeping track to my facebook page,
you would have know what happened today.

I was STUPID enough to miss my Science Practical O levels paper which means that my 
Science = Ungraded.
*Congratulations to me. Zzz

I am so so so fed up on myself and I cried and cried and cried.
Screamed at my whole family as they did not try to wake me up and such.

I seriously felt damn damn damn lost, i dont know if you all can understand how I feel as I totally can't describe it. The feeling was FREAKING HORRIBLE.

I studied like FREAKING HARD and Science was one of them which I spent most my time studying!

Now my whole damn Science paper is Ungraded.

Ok, now I totally learnt my lesson and hope that my A.maths can help me replace my Science.
I shall study real hard NOW NOW NOW on A.maths and Maths to score my BEST BEST BEST.
If not I am really DIE DIE DIE laaaaa!

Luckily there's Cynthia there telling me it's ok I can focus on my A.Maths if not, you will see me flunging my full O levels just because of today manzxzxzxz.

Ok, I am SUPER grateful that I have understanding family members (that however failed to try to wake me up) to understand my situation and encourage me to study for the rest of the papers.
My dad even gave me Wild Wild Wet tickets! LOL!

Aihya, I know my haters cfm there laughing lor, saying like "serves you right" because you know... I made fun of that ... HORSE.
*If you don't know who, you better not know la. Hahahha.

BUT HEY HEY HEY, I still got other papers ok! Since that now I've flung my Science, I shall focus on my other paper and make sure I still hit my target without it.
I still got 5 more subjects to go. I MUST do well.

Wa, I type this whole freaking post like just talking to myself leh. Idk why I got this feeling but it really seems that way to me because there's like nothing informative in this "I AM SO DEAD" post. 

May be I should add some ... a little more ... interesting stuff? LOL.

Ok, idk what's interesting to talk about now
but perhaps about a movie which I have watched a few days back...Hmm.. Ok, set. LOL.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake 
in Chinese: 白蛇传

Ok, I know the poster damn nice! ^^

Basically this movie is SO-SO only la !
Kind of touching at the end of the show but it's still SO-SO only.

They used a lot of popular Chinese actor and actresses in this movie (even the calefares are popular people)
which I think they used a lot of money to produce this movie lor !
*Wasted !

Ok, another thing is, too many special effects are used !!! It's like watching cartoon more than a "human movie" lor. Serious.

Just a random review la, so if you still wanna watch, just go! Hehe.

Another thing is ... ^^

My Want-To-Sell Section is UPPPP~
Check it out yo, check it out!

More will be updated soon !! 


  1. Hi Kiyomi! You're 16 too? Sigh it doesn't matter about the sci prac. What's over can't be undone :( but I'm sure you'll do well for the other papers! So...go for it :) ps uh can you follow me on twitter @summeerrrlightt :) avid blog reader of yours too :)

  2. OMG, ya! Suicidal moment. I wont T-T repeat that ... >.<

  3. Oh my gosh. Suicidal moment. I hope you're okay. I'd sob like an ass if I ever flunked my test for that reason :'(
    Ace all the other tests, and don't repeat your mistakes again!!