Monday 24 October 2011

[Cosme-review: Melliesh 3in1 Lipgloss 03 Nudy Beige]

This one is slightly different because it's a combination of a review for Melliesh 03 Lipgloss in Nudy Beige.

Many many girls think that they don't need lip glosses and find it a fuss to apply them as it comes off after a meal and we will have to touch up again!

Honestly speaking, I find it quite irritating too. ^^ Hehehehe ~
Another bad thing about it is that... you know... when you kiss your boyfriend's cheek... ehh hemm...
it's kinds sticky y'know... then OUR boyfriends will start complaining about it!

However, to me, it's SUPER SUPER important to apply lipgloss.

I find it disgusting to NOT apply lipglosses! T-T
Reason being your lips will look.. really dry and flakey  without the lipgloss in pictures, especially with flash.

So yes! lipgloss/lipsticks is a need!

Ok, look here and focus on my lips in these pictures below.

The lips looked super disgusting isnt it?! "No lips to see people" LOL!

And come compare compare this picture with Lip gloss :

Different ehhhhhhh~ Hahaha, told'ya ! 

Like I said I find it frustrating and irritating that the lipglosses keeps coming off and I will have to keep touching up!

So here's one tip I'm giving you!
- You can apply the lip gloss/lip sticks only when you are about to Camwhore~~ !!!

In the pictures above, I was using Melliesh 03 Lipgloss in Nudy Beige!

You can get them here : 

What is it good about Melliesh 03 Lip gloss :

Usually we can apply lipgloss by themselves without any bases but the colour of the lipgloss will not turn out nice/ obvious and usually only perks up your lips with a little more "shiny" look!

Some lip glosses are thicker, e.g. CandyDoll Lip glosses , which are able to stand out slightly more without any base lipsticks/ lip concealer. However, you wouldn't get the best effects of it without a base too.
*As you know.. they usually come out in a series where this lipstick is to be matched with this lip gloss and so on...

Melliesh Lip glosses are the thicker ones too.
Much more pigmented, as this Lip glossis so called 3 in 1, Lip concealer + Lipstick + Lip gloss.

Without the need of applying a base colour, it'll be easy for you when you are outside and you need a quick touch up!

It's not easily washed off and it actually sticks to your fingers when they come in contact.
Plus, you will need to wash your hands countless amount of times just in order to remove it.

Colour: 5/5 stars
- I love Melliesh's thick colour.

Application: 3.5/5 stars
- It's quite hard to apply as it's quite sticky especially in contact with your fingers.
- May turn our slightly messy if not applied properly.

Texture: 4/5 stars
- It gives a good shine however, it's really too sticky and hard to remove.
- However, it is really good for touch-ups outside without the need of having a base colour.

Overall: 4/5 stars
- Ease of touch up plus it's beautiful colour, what is there more for me to say?
- Get your Melliesh 3in1 lipglosses today (:
- Oh, please remember to use a lip balm as base so as to not dry up your lips!

Remember to shop for it at (:

That's all for now.

So, nights !

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  1. You should try clinique plump and shine lipglosses, they're really thick and slightly sticky but last for hours!!