Sunday 23 October 2011

You think you don't need it? Post: 1

Halo halo, 1st of all, please support me by clicking on my Nuffnang ads ok? ^^ Sarpork la!
I wanna cash out $$ !! Hehehehe ~

Ohhhhh & ~
There's no "parts" to this post but I've labelled it "Post: 1" because I will be having more posts like this after this!

Don't throw this thingy when you buy your facial cleanser/ make-up remover !


This thingy works as a stopper to prevent your facial cleanser/ make-up remover from leaking when you put them in your bag !

With this, you don't even need to buy any travel pack for your facial cleanser/ make-up remover !!

Awesome isn't it ! I have friends regretting throwing these away when they saw me using it.
So I'm just blogging to tell those who don't know about it ! ^^

Ok, as I'm typing this, I'm eating an apple !!
Kiyomi LOVES apple ~
*super no link -____- Zzz

Thats all ! See you all again soon !

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