Sunday 13 November 2011

ADV: Magical Glitters.

Hello hello !! 

Lets browse this tumblr/blog shop together ! 
It's Magical Glitters, known as MG too.

Awesome thing is that she sells many awesome clothes! LOL! 
I personally haven't received the items yet and will blog again once I got them, but just in case you all missed out these pieces already, I will blog about it first! 
Many many items are low on stock ok?! It's their 1st collection and yet already so awesome?
It's making me excited for their next! 

Let me show you some pieces which I feel much more awesomer than the others 1st!
*Okie, it might be more awesome to me but ordinary to you.. maybe those that I feel isn't that awesome suits you.. who knows?! LOL.

I love this piece because of it's floral! So plain yet so demure and nice. Much loves! ^^

Love this as it brings out the "curve" in you yo~ ! Hehe!

Rolling stones reminds me of Tsubasa yo~ !!!! My idol ne~ !!

This is is very emoda style! Me likes max.

I love Navy Blue and Polka dots plus not to mention cute bow collars! I believe many of you love it too!!!!

This is a MUST HAVE manzxzxzxz, I love the design plus it won't make you look fat!!

This piece is instant loves. You can tell. I dont need to say much yo~ !! Haha.

Love tumblr-rish shorts. Who dont?

Okie, you may take a look at other stuffs now!!
*Sorry for dominating your eyes to focus on what I like for just! Hehehee!!

Are you on shopping madness now after see-ing their apparels? 
Go browse now now now and shop shop shop !
Don't hold back because it totally sucks to hold back what you want yo~ !

Place your order now! Hehehehe!!!

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