Wednesday 16 November 2011

It's Shopping Time: Th-Glitz

Th-Glitz !

Recently, the amount of blogshops selling accessories kind of decreased right?
Plus instocks are always damn damn damn expensive!
It's like SGD8-10 per piece?

Now there's Th-Glitz Preorder !!! ^^

This blogshop selling really LOW-PRICED accessories and it's already their 7th Spree !
So I believe that it's kind of trust-worthy?

However, I have not really purchased anything from them before.
I've seen their advert on some blogger's blogs and they have received their items so I think it should be quite safe!
Yet, the prices are seriously LOW LOW LOW !!

&&& They have their constantly updated order statuses on their site !

The have their own FB page too ! Seems like all items have been mailed constantly (:

Seriously, who dont like cheap and pretty stuffs har?! Hahah!

Here are some awesome stuffs that I like !!!

This Key Ring Necklace (A19288) looks totally cool & vintaggy !
Can be used to be SUPER Gyaru too. Super loves.
Especially if you're wearing black yo~

This Heart-Shaped Pendant Necklace! (C02099) Totally mad loves ! 
Same same, can be worn even when wearing black tank top manzxzx ! 

This Black Cross Necklace (C02099) is pretty too ! Like EMODA style ! 
Gothy Gothic, easy matching ! 

OMG, & this Pearl Ribbon Necklace (A86324) is pretty too !
Super Liz Lisa style manzxzxz. Super matching with our floral dresses & sweet looking tops !

JUST OMG, How can they have SO SO SO much things for you to choose from ?!!
Hmmmm, guess this is also a good thing about pre-orders?
However, we always have to wait for pre-orders to arrive which usually takes SUPER long T-T

This spree closes on 22nd November 2011 & will reach by the 29th November !
Good thing is that items reach before Christmas isn't it?
Good if you want to buy them as gifts !

Browse through all their necklaces and I believe you will definitely find something that's suitable for you !
Just look at that freaking big variety you can choose from ?!
Plus, not to forget, it's all LOW PRICED !

They got some freaking awesome rings too !

I personally find this (A16863) UBERLY CUTE !

Check them out manxzxz ! 

Okokokokokokok, LAST thing !

I really really love this Geeky PINK Spects (A85185) too ! 
It's only SGD3.50 !

Can you imagine, the items I have shared above is ALL not above SGD5 ?! 


Start shopping now ! 

*hehe, 8 links in 3 paragraphs to wish them 888 !

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  1. Nice! So cheap.. but only in SG T_T I'm from Malaysia