Tuesday 22 November 2011

"Aiyo" Fashion ! Shopping with Baby G !

*Clap clap* & say " aihyo " while pointing your right index finger into the air.
Does this reminds you of... someone? ^^

Guess guess who is the one who does this action? ...
(almost all the time he appears on a variety show)
A super popular Taiwanese composer x singer. 

Ok, I'm mentioning him here because I am going to talk about how I blend in my new watch with the Taiwanese Street Fashion.

I went out shopping with my Baby G (BGA-130-2B)

Ok, this watch totally compliments my outfit of the day by giving the whole look a new life.
The style I went out with today was almost all black & white, it looks so boring and doesn't stand out.
& why would I wear something that don't stand out right? 

It's simple, it's because I want to keep a low profile & don't want to be the centre of people's attention.
Since I'm out shopping, I need some comfortable outfit that allows me to run all over the place and carry many many heavy stuffs home as I will be hauling tons of items home! 

So lets say I wear all black and white, I will look too plain and "shaggy". 
I would look like I was going to the market more than going shopping in the streets isn't it?!

So, I've decided to wear my Baby G (BGA-130-2B) to go along with this style.

Awesome isn't it? ^^ 

Watches are always been a good choice of accessories for us, girls, 
to look "classy" in our own "shaggy" way! 

More styles coming up and bye!


  1. Your outfit is so cute! I cant wait to go to Taiwan and shop too!

  2. Where is this shops ?

  3. http://www.kiyomilim.com/2011/11/aiyo-fashion-shopping-with-baby-g.html

  4. Where did you go shopping?