Monday 21 November 2011

Fashion Hooks Collection 7 !

Awesome to the max yo !

Fashion Hooks just launched their Collection 7 !
Other than Collection 7, they still have loads of pretty apparels for you to choose from!
Awesome right?!

Visit them here : 

Have you checked it out yet?

I'm freaking in love with the new apparels and I seriously have to urge to pull everything home manxzxz.

There's this FREAKING cute black Irregular Length Chiffon Skirt !

SGD18.50 ONLY.  
(usually up to SGD22)

You can wear that longer part and twist it to the side to get the classy feel 
& you can tilt it to the back to get the "tail" feel!
Another best thing is you can wear this as a inner skirt to make your flare skirt to increase it's volume!
Pretty right?
Seriously I freaking love this piece.

Black Zipper Bodycon Dress!!

SGD19.00 ONLY. 
(usually up to SGD23)
If you need something to show off your figure, I tell you, this is the best. It can be worn as a top or dress ^^

LOOK AT THIS Simple Low-Back Black Dress


Sexy yet easy for you to match with any clothes, you can just wear this out with any bright coloured blazer over & you will look classy! Simple as 123. So why not get yourself one piece.
SGD20.00 ONLY.
(usually up to SGD29)

I LOVE THIS PIECE!!! American Flag Design Casual Jacket!!!!!

IT'S SO CUTE & CASUAL! You love I love everyone love!
SGD20.00 ONLY. 
(usually up to SGD30)

Leopard Bat-Sleeve Pullover, I LOVE IT !

Who can resist this Leopard Prints isn't it?! Goodness sake.
It's so cute yet classy at the same time. Easy matching with your leopard shoes! ^^
SGD20.00 ONLY 
(usually up to SGD28)

The Sexy Leopard Wide-Sleeve Jacket!!!!!

Color-Contrast Silky Top!!! 

Black Long Mesh Tail Jacket!!!

Irregular Hem Long Mesh Shirt

Hollow Holes Flag Design Jacket

Jack Union Knitted Cardigan 

Splice Design Grey Knitted Cardigan

Stripes Madness Long Top

Sequins Mesh Sleeveless Top

I know it feels good to shop and buy isn't it! 
Especially after seeing all these awesome pretty clothes!

Plusplus, Fashion Hooks always gives you the best prices you can find anywhere.

So start shopping now!  

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