Saturday 19 November 2011

Using the new Blogger's Platform !

I'm going to show you all how I use the new blogger platform!
*I don't think my face is needed in this post! Haha ^^

Many many blogging friends couldn't use it in a favourable way and they said that pictures posted and loaded in blogger is floating around.

& now picasa don't really allow the use of their HTML most likely
because they just wanted people to load to blogger.
I'm thinking like, is there a possibility that the old blogger will be gone and never come back again?

So I did this post to show you all, like roughly, how I post using the new blogger and why I do so.

1st, log in to your account & click on the title of the blog that you want to access! 
*I take it as we are already using the new platform, if not, just click on the top right to change it to the new one. 

2nd, Click on "New Post" on the left to write a new post (:
*Ok, this is simple and quite common sense but just showing you where the button is

3rd, Start writing your post using the compose option
& with those normal tools to "bold/underline/align" your wordings!

This is because the HTML option here is very complicated, every paragraph or "enter" will have to be keyed in as HTML codes.

4th, Upload ALL your pictures into the post !

& you just have to wait for it to finish loading!

5th, Insert the pictures in to your post in where ever you want to put it.

Use your mouse to click on the area then click on "insert image".

Then click "add selected' the picture will appear in the area you selected above.

6th, Adjusting the size of the pictures.

Usually I select X-Large.

7th, Inserting Captions.

8th, Inserting Labels/ Catergories (some may call it).

9th, Just publish your post !
*Publish button located beside the TITLE.

Simple isn't it?
So now we no longer have to use a 3rd party uploader for our pictures yo~!
We can use blogger and it's far more user-friendly now!

Hope this helps! 


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