Wednesday 25 January 2012

Look of the month : Kiyomi's 2012's January Look!

HI ALL ! (:

Everyone knows that this year's Chinese New Year is in January! (:
*Sometimes... it falls in Feb you see..

So my look for this month for 2012's January will be the

Oriental Look!

Blue Contact Lenses.
Red Hair.
Green Earrings.

Red Eyeshadow.
Thick Upper False Lashes.
Basic and Natural Looking Bottom Lashes.

Frenched Red Nails.
Pink Top.
Black Bottom Wear.

& Here is the close up and details on the items I've got : 

Top from Madame Butterfly.
Marina Bay Sands Outlet.

I got this top because it looks really sweet even though it's very traditional looking. 
Easily matched! 
You can also tuck in and wear a high-waist shorts (:
Special yet casual! My love!
 Bottom Wear from Fashion Hooks.
Online Store, SGD20.
*The black one is OOS only the blue one is left.

Here is the items I have used for the make-up above !  

SASA blusher : NRD003
Koji Eye Talk (Original)
DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner
The Balm : Bahama Mama Bronzer
Koji Spring Heart Long Lasting Crayon Eyeliner (Very good! Doesn't Smudge/ wear-off)
Eyelid Tape from (idk the name and not sure where else sells them)
Dark Brown Eyeshadow (You can use any type of Brown Eyeshadow) 
Red Eyeshadow (You can use any brand or type of eyeshadow you want)

Eyelash :

2 (stacked) pairs of Diamond Lash Fairy Lash :

Jumily 05 Basic :

&&& Most importantly, CandyDoll Highlighter in Marshmallow Purple.

The close up for my make up ! (: 


The RED part(eyeshadow) adds on to the feel of being Oriental.

The make up tutorial video which shows how I do my 
EYE make-up, step by step ! 

So what do you think about my make-up and style of the month? Let me know ok? (:

Thank you for reading !

*pssssst: here's a Chinese New Year Greeting for you!

Byeeeeeeeeeee ~


  1. Kiyomiiii! You look so preeetttyyyyy!! :3 Happy Chinese New Year!!!! :D

  2. Happy Chinese New Year, the video is cute ^^)/
    Love the makeup and your nails are really pretty!!

  3. I like the eye makeup! And I'm in love with your hair color :D It's still so vibrant!


  4. Where did you dye your hair at?! I like it so much! Did you bleach?

  5. Hi may I know where did you get the bronzer from? (: