Thursday 2 February 2012

Baby-G Results Announcement!

Hi alllllll ~ 

Do you remember that I joined this Baby-G Style competition? (: 

If you don't know, you can read my posts on them by clicking here : 

&&&& Guess what?! I've gotten the 3rd placeeeeeeee! Wheeeeets! 
I will blog about my prize soon!

Sheron got 1st and Joey got 2nd. 

Read their posts on Baby G here : 

So here's more pictures taken that day ........ 

 This is SHERON! (:
The 1st prize winner!

 Not just those who won the top 3 but everyone who's not in the top 3 can 
randomly draw a watch for themselves too!

Hahaha, I really thank Baby-G for organising this awesome competition! 

Seee you all back here real soon!