Saturday 25 February 2012

Look of the month : Kiyomi's 2012's February Look!

Hmmmm, so it's finally the day of the month already?!

It's the Kiyomi's Look of the Month AGAIN! (: 

So this time I'm going more towards the "darker" kind of gyaru or say ageha inspired look!
However, my dress up wont be as gothic but my make-up will be kind of thick.
I'll dress casually so not to stand-out too much!

Also, I want to try out something "different" so yah! 

So basically this is my look of the month! 

Ooooops! & as you realised, I DID! put on quite some weight and trying to lose them!

So sorry for the Fatty-Yomi now, but I'll try to lose weight ASAP!

& this is my eye make-up of the month...

& here's the make-up tutorial for it!

So what do you think about this look? (:

I hope you like the look like I do!
& I hope that my frequent updates will make you all check back my blog more often!
&&& I hope that I don't have to keep reminding you all to read my blog through FB/Twitter!!!
&&&&& Gooooood luck on having BIG DOLLY EYES!



  1. you're so cute and your current hairstyle really suits you!
    thanks for the tutorial ♪

  2. haaha what does your shirt say? wildfox?
    you're still cute xx

  3. Gain weight where?! T____T you still look so adorably cute & tiny'n

  4. I like the look, thanks for the tutorial (~^^~)

  5. that style is so cute, like a cheerleader high school girl! khekhekhe *Q*

    ShuShu ♥

  6. I think you look great ^_^ And you don't need to lose weight!

  7. hi kiyomi! haha really love your blog! I hope i can be your friend someday but i noe its impossible one! btw im a girl not guy! hehe.