Thursday 23 February 2012

YAY! New translation up for CandyDoll's Cheek Brush Tutorial! (:

Hi all! 

So I've been up doing this thing again~ 

I have been busy recently and I have put on A LOT of weight due to it! ):
Can you imagine?! I freakingly gained 5kg!
I need to lose these weight if not I will surely gain more of them! 
So gonna keep a look out.

Hmmmmm, my next post will be on Saturday, the 25th of Feb on my Feb look of the month!
at 3pm so do check back then ok?!

Don't forget to check back!!!!!! (: 

I have been so into making videos these days and, who knows, I might do some stupid edits and start becoming like "Steven Lim" LOLS!

I will be doing my Maybelline items reviews on my youtube like... NEXT MONTH.. 
so yeah, don't expect it too soon~ 

Aihyaaaaa, I'm reallllllyyyyy tired already so I'm gonna take a rest alright?
See you all back here!

Don't forgettttt my next update on 25th Feb 2012!


  1. May i know where did u bought the floral dress (in ur dp) a few post back? Really sweet looking <3

  2. kiyomi, is there any differences between make up base and liquid foundation? and which one do i apply first? :D