Friday 9 March 2012

Adv. Studs and Chains ^^

Do you all remember this picture? 

The previous time I mentioned that I will blog about this webstore that I've got these from!

So here's my post on them,

I really love this hot pink clutch! Very unique and nice (:
Not very costly~ 
& comes in 2 colours, hot pink and baby pink

& also, the Leopard prints geek spect ~

Slightly too big for me but still, it's cool & looks really geeky! ^^

The really good quality vintage clutch.
Awesome for a day out that you want to look really vintage~
With all your vintage accessories and high waist pants and black outerwear~
A must get! 

The Tribal Tank top in Red #A
I like the cutting of this take top which makes my arms looks smaller ^^
also, the patterns are really nice.
I like how it shows up ~ 


Basically, I really like the concept on Studs and Chains.
They sell things that are suitable for the casual & cool style.
Their items are also very very unique which I can easily fall in love with. 

Sorry all, I tried using the studs on my bags but it didn't turn out nice..
Guess I'm always bad with art and craft stuffs~

Hmmm, other than the items above, they also sell a lot more really awesome things.

Example, this Under Cover tote bag!


So.... it's shopping time! 

Happy shopping! 

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