Saturday 3 March 2012

Kiyomi's view on online shopping! /

Hiiiii all~ 

I won't be doing FOC adverts anymore T-T !
It doesn't work out as people tend to take advantage of it! 

So.... ya! I'll charge as per normal but you all can let me know if you can't afford it 
and I will think of a way for you.

Today I'm going to talk about

However, it will just be a brief mention for them!

I hope this increases the list of blogshops you all visit and allow you to shop effortlessly~
Then one fine day... you'll receive all the items you've ordered! Yay!
No more huge and heavy shopping bags!

People say that if they buy online, they're worried that the items won't turn out to be the same as what they see.
However, I think otherwise.

Sometimes, we buy stuffs from Bugis street and end up not wearing them, most of the time.. WHY?!
It's because it doesn't look as appealing as the time when we bought them isn't it?
& due to many many other factors.

Don't just blame on online shopping!

Even for "normal" shopping, items you bring home may not be those that you think that are nice at that moment.

What's good about shopping online than to retail? 

It's that you will get to "think twice" ! You can consider again and again before you decide to buy the item.

You wont have this salesgirl there, "pressuring" you to buy the item and in the end you don't like the item you bought when you reach home!

& You won't walk into a shop and feel guilty that you didn't buy anything.

At most you'll just be, "oh I don't like it" then? close the page -_______-

See here for a clearer understanding: 
(click on picture for larger image)

Hahahahha, okay, thats all for now. I shall start on my post for

Shall show you SOME of the apparels that they have instock now! (: 

These 2 links are those items they have instock!

So... Shopping time!


  1. Nice.. But again, it's in SG T_T Some pieces can be bought locally for a much lower price too =(

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