Sunday 11 March 2012

Adv. Sunflowerpixies!

Hi all ~ 

I am going to introduce 1 new blogshop to you today and it's the Sunflowerpixies ^^ 

They are really sweet and picked out a top for me and sent it to me via registered postage because the previous one via normal postage was lost!!
*this shows how important it is to opt for registered postage T-T 

 Look at this sweet little note they put into the top they gave me!! 

This is the top that they gave me : 

I think it looked kind of cool~ 
But I couldn't find it in their shop anymore!!
You may want to e-mail them at to ask them if they still have this piece! 

& here's how the top looked on me : 

Other than this really awesome piece that they gave me, 
they have other really awesome apparels that I like too! 

E.g. from their Lace and Mesh Collection ....

I like these 2 a lot and a lot~

The polka doted one is cute and cool at the same time,
you can wear a cool outer wear/ cardigan with it~
It's really sexy too~
*oh sexaye babe~


The skater mesh dress is really simple and nice!
So suitable for casual wear~ I like! ^^ 


& from their Flowers and Colour collection...

I really like this shorts:

Pretty isn't it?!!

I really like the cutting of the shorts that would make your tights and butt look small if you have big ones
& make them look slightly bigger is you have not visible ones!

The design is also really sweet! 


So I guess I'm going to stop typing here and I hope that you all can get whatever you like
or would like to have from them!

No rush but they might be OOS anytime soon
as I was informed that they have very limited pieces!

 Shop now! ^^ 


  1. yaaa ~ very very pretty and i think the top matches great with upcoming spring and summer! :'3
    ShuShu ♥