Monday 12 March 2012


So farrrrrr~ I have always been talking about instocks apparels and preorder lenses..
Hmmmm, I haven't talked much on preorder apparels isn't it?!

So today, I am going to talk about preorder apparels and shoes @

Btw, lets side track a little, why instocks and why preorders?
Instocks in when you want your items to reach fast and that it feels like retail shopping!
Preorder is when you want DIRT CHEAP deals online!

So.... today will be on.... DIRT CHEAP deals online~ 

You seriously have to check out Humpty Dumpty's shoes preorder.
Once you see the prices, I bet your jaw will drop and that your life is complete...
*LOL, too much of exaggerating~

almost at 1/2 price of Bugis Street -______-

Look at this pair above....
& Guess how much is it?

Usually webstores will sell them at SGD35? or SGD40? 
Bugis street.. hmmm.. maybe at SGD49.90?


Okay... seriously... I'M IN AWE -_______- 

Okay okay. 1 example isn't enough, lets look at another example ..

Okayie okay, so now.. guess how much is this?

SGD50? SGD35? SGD49?


It's SGD25 also!!!


Do you need 1 more example? 
Okay, I give you 1 more okay?

I show you this... my fav. pair okay?... here goes...

I saw this "lookalike" pair at newlook and it's about SGD50.

I think this kind of design is slightly cheaper at Bugis Street..
Roughly around SGD30? SGD40?


IT'S SGD 21.10 ! 



Okay, now lets look at the apparels! 

The apparels aren't as shockingly cheap as the shoes but the styles are really nice.

Okayokay, I like this one...  
The 1 shorts 2 colours & then match it all~ 

These are WOOLEN short pants! & it's highwaisted~

I like how it looks and how it can match up to the following apparels!
*also from their webstore's preorder~

This sweet top can be matched with the black woolen shorts i've mentioned above.
I bet you will look VERY sweet and cute, yet staying casual~

 This red top can be worn with either black/khaki coloured shorts I've mentioned above!
I like how the collar is as it will make you stand out even on a normal day!

& this denim top can be worn with the khaki coloured woolen shorts~
I bet you will look super "guess-like" ~
*GUESS. as in the brand's concept

Very cowgirl kind of look, like olden western days!

I like! 


Shop shop shop and place your preorder's order before it's gone!


-insert some random picture of myself-

 LOL !

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