Friday 30 March 2012

Look of the month : Kiyomi's 2012's March Look!

Hi all sweethearts! 

Remember about a year back when some of you asked me how I do my "Cat Ear's" make-up? ^^
That was the make-up I used to do everyday when I was working at a Maid Cafe at Funan! 

Sorry for dragging the tutorial till a year later T-T, which is today and now! 

& Together with my look of the month > < 

& If you all have realised~

I have been wearing the make up a lot recently!

It is easy and pretty! ^^

& Also I was wearing my long black wig!

I'm so in love with black hair!

However, I doubt I can have my own hair like this, I just can't maintain things like that > <

& Here is how I did my eye make up!! 

So do you like the look? ^^

Thank you all for reading my blog 
& I will be back real soon!



  1. *__________________* In Love with your look... You really know how to Rock Black hair ^^
    And the song in your tutorial <3 I'll definitely try this look *_*

  2. You are so cute! ^_^ Love your eyes~~

  3. cute!! *^* Could you tell me which circle lens you use on the photos in this entry? please >w<♥

  4. it's really cute! I think the circle lense have a really big impact in your make up :)

  5. Cute ^o^ Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  6. super adorable as always ,Kiyomi! >_<
    NICE and USEFUL tutorial. Bernas haha XD
    and it's that your granny behind you in the tutorial video? XD

  7. This look is so adorable~ >u<

  8. So cute! And I like this kind of makeup ^^ I made a tutorial that was inspired by this kind of style too ^^
    Black hair looks really good on you too! I want to buy a wig now :3