Saturday 31 March 2012

Adv. Shining Nails! ^^

Hi all sweeties! 

It's Shining Nails again! ^^

Do you remember the last time I did my nails at Shining Nails

Shining have never never failed to do an awesome job to my nails!

& Also to all Hello Kitty Fans out there, 
you're super lucky if you are reading this post because....

Not many people can draw Hello Kitty well, sometimes Kitty's eyes may be too far apart 
or Kitty's nose will be too small/big if you do them at certain nail salons..

These problems will not happen with Shining as she's a Kitty fan like anyone of you!

Look at some of her Kitty works :

Awesome right? It looks just like the "real" one! 


& now lets look at some other designs she've done that you and I can relate to!

The French Mustache!

Price for my readers: SGD20+SGD32(gel)=SGD52-10%=SGD46.80!

Who Needs A Rainbow!

Price for my readers: SGD26+SGD32(gel)=SGD58-10%=SGD52.20!

Give me some RED!

Price for my readers: SGD20+SGD32(gel)=SGD52-10%=SGD46.80!

If you don't want gel, it will be much cheaper! ^^


& Look at the design she've done for me :

-Inspired from Tsubasa's Alice in Wonderland Concept-

As seen at my look-of-the-month : 

It's SGD32 for Gel Manicure 
& prices for designs are stated on the designs (pictures) themselves.

If you want Shining to Specially design one for you, 
just let her know and she will quote you accordingly!

What's not-to-be-missed?! 
Quote "KiyomiLim" to get 10% off your total bill with Shining!

Like, if you're doing my design, 
It's will be SGD40(design)+32(gel mani)=72.

10% off and it will be...

You save SGD7.20!

Honestly, you may think that it may be expensive but if you were to do them outside, 
it may cost you..

SGD50(for gel)+SGD70(for design)
& Total, SGD120.

So what are you waiting for? > < 

Visit Shining Today!


  1. Amanda Isabelle Belz24 November 2013 at 10:25

    Hey! How much is the kitty one! :D

  2. aaaaaaah it looks gorgeous!!!! *(Y)*´´´ i love almost every style :'3
    ♥ ♥