Tuesday 13 March 2012

Too lazy to take nice pictures.

The title speaks a million words! LOL~

I'm too lazy to take nice pictures!
Many people will go like.. OMG?! it's just camwhore, what's so hard?

So here goes ...

I need to move this gigantic ring light into my room 
(which is shared with my great grandma and aunt and cousin) 
from my dad's room... 
*which is really far* 

& when moving it from dad's room there are so many obstacles, 
e.g. the fan the tv the sofa the whatever whatever.

Then, I will need to find a space in my more-than-squeezy room~ 

Then I will have to set up my tripod & attach my camera to it!

Plus, I'm using the timer function to take my pictures
which will need me to keep going back to my camera to set it to 10seconds 
then go back to my position again~~~

What's more?! I will have to wear my make-up and change into my "going out" clothes~
Blah blah blah~ 

Oh, and when I want to take pictures like that, usually it wont be on a day 
when I will be going out after taking the pictures!

I will most likely be very very late for my appointment with my friends or whatever!
Because taking pictures like that requires OMGGGGingly super long time~ 

& after that, I will need to go into photoshop to edit the lightings cause the lighting WILL NOT 
be balanced or the same for every photo...

Seriously! This takes up a whole day of my days of living on Earth! 

Omg, so that's all for my ranting and here goes a picture of me in my "at home" clothes~

& Bye!


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes taking pictures are so tiresome! Sometimes there is just so much to do in 1 good pic! : D Your pics are nice!

  2. Aww I loveee your hair! Can you do a post featuring your haircut? I would love to see the back and sides...I've been wanting to chop my hair off and this is so cute! :)

  3. hahaha! At least you have a ring light.. I can only take pics in the day time, before 4pm. And because it's raining a lot lately, my sunlight is gone =/

  4. i cnt even take pic inside my room :(

  5. Ring light <3 x)
    I understand you , I take too much time ^^
    I love your dress and your bag liz lisa.

  6. i also love that dress and liz lisa bag, you look pretty cute with that style *Q*
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  7. The dress in the second last photo is cuuuute! And I know what you mean about blogging takes a lot of time away >.> But we enjoy it righht? ;D haha

  8. woah the 5th pic is so cute >_<
    nice banner <3