Tuesday 24 April 2012

Back soon! Thanks all!

Hi all,

Anatatachi wa ogenki desuka? (:
Have you all been fine? I havent, but I will be soon! 

Have you heard the song Reflection by Christina? #nowplaying. It's the Mulan song!
I love the Mulan movie ever since I watched it on my computer screen when I was in Primary5.
The song is really awesome & I love it.

Everyone's like wearing a mask around them, after experiencing bad experiences about it,
some of us may no longer trust the people around you or whatever they say.
However, is wearing a mask really a bad thing?

Some of us may be doing so to protect ourselves while some to put others down.
So I guess it's not all bad and I will just have to learn how to accept that fact.

& according to my experiences, I may want to wear a mask over my feelings to control my actions too.
I don't know if I can do it but I would really want to try.
I need to learn o behave myself in public. LOL.

This lesson was learnt on the results announcement day when I cried horribly and wasn't able to pick myself up & take pictures with the winners.

Not that I am a sore loser, sore loser are those that aren't happy and having "sour grapes" to the winner.
I cried not because of that, I don't cry because I needed attention then, I just couldnt control.
I find myself so childish over this action. I can't believe that I actually cried in public.

It may be because I was so disappointed in myself and everything in my brain asking me,
"have you done not enough?" and I also began questioning myself that question.

Untill I really cannot control & my feelings was so mixed up with disappointment, regret and many more,
that I allowed all the tears to burst through my eye ducks.

& worst, I showed a pair of clean heels to everyone and ignore everyone around me.
So sorry to all that I have made worried.

I will be blogging up an appreciation post up soon, to those who helped me so much.

That's all for now, bye all, please take care of yourselves as the weather is really bad recently.


  1. Hi sweetie, I didnt delete, I just removed the post.

  2. Why you deleted all the hate comments? Lol, you should face the facts man!

  3. Cheer up. It gets better (: . It's okay to cry now and then because we're all human and we have feelings.