Sunday 22 April 2012

Confession Time: Attitude problem & Bad Habits.

Dear blog, 
today's post is more for myself and you. 

I think I have very very serious attitude problems!
I must be super lucky to have met my boyfriend who could tolerate my nonsense!
However, I am always told from him that "my pattern more than badminton". Hahaha.
Always chu (coming out with) new pattern. I think it's due to my mood swings!
I tend to have bad mood swings, like when I see someone I hate or whatever, I would immediately "change face". Not only towards that person but towards everyone around me.
Or when someone interupt my conversation, I would just "change face" and scold/shout at that particular person.

& worst of all, I always interupt other people's conversations too. LOL -_____- .....

Okay, dear blog, I am damn hungry now! *random

I tend to shout or do things without a reasonable explanation and just based on what I feel like doing.
I guess I lack EQ. LOL, need some training seriously.

Hmmm, whats more? I am not like those dominating kind of person and I am quite nonsensical.
Sometimes I thought I'm damn mature but deep inside I think I'm damn childish?
Ok, wtfbbq123 am I talking about? Honestly, I don't really know myself either.

What else do I have to say now?
Ermmmmm, ya, I tend to tweet things illogically or at times not thinking about the concequences!
& when I do, it's always too late..

I'm really one crazy girl who is really crazy. LOLOLOL!

Ok, that's all for now! Bye-bee

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  1. Hmm, I think everyone has mood swings, including me HEHEHE~~ and I think you being random is cute :P