Monday 9 April 2012

To heave a sigh of relief...

Dear blog and whoever that is reading this now,

I am very grateful to you for always being here for me.
When I need you, you've never ever failed to be there for me and let me rant at you.

When I am down, angry, happy or even when having mood swings. I will just turn to my blog to type.
It's become a routine that I can no longer remove from my life even if I'm locked up in a blog rehab.
Yes. I am addicted to you, my blog.

Through the weeks of the "Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation" Contest,
I have stressed myself to do my best so that I don't let down my group members.
Also, during these days, I have always been reminded to not lose to the people I don't want to lose to.
Now, that everything is over, all my hardwork is to be judged. I feel so bare and naked.

Other than this competition, I have also tried living a life of hate towards my ex-clique.
To be honest, I failed. I can't hate them as much as I think I can.
All I can do is trying to make fun of them, but everything is only apparent.
Deep inside, I still miss those times we had.

Dear blog and true friends,
I just want to be a normal girl who shares make-up/fashion tips and search for make-up/fashion tips online.
I want anonymous to look at what I want to share.

Blog, can you just be my blog where I can share my feelings to?
Blog, can you become a platform for me to share whatever I want to many many people who appreciates?

It's so ironic, I want to share my life, my woes, my love, my rants and new things to people who love to know about them but I don't want to share my life, my woes, my love, my rants and new things to people who hates me and that wants to hurt me.

Though, nothing is one-sided right?
I can't get a win-win situation.

I just want to blog on this space and rant and rant on how I feel, I just want to share new styles that I tried.
Why is it that when I start ranting, hates starts coming in too?

Yes, my rants are one-sided and there's a reason to why it is.
It's selfish and unreasonable mainly because these are rants coming from me.
Coming from this girl here typing this post and what's inside her mind.
I must be thinking that way when I was typing that way but why are you scolding me?

I don't want to be a blogger anymore, I only want to be a girl with a blog.

Dear blog, thank you for all the experience you gave me and you have been through a lot of things with me.
& for those of you reading this, if you have been following my blog for quite some time,
you might have also witness my changes in life.
From a 16 year old kid to a 17 going 18 year old teen. 

The way I blog may change as I change, no one stays stagnant and stops changing.
I may become a better person one day or I might even become someone worse.

Determination to be better isn't enough.

Finally, everything ended. I can lead my life like how I used to since the start of Feb 2012.
No more hates, no more competition, no more "blogging stress".

Things will return to normal and I will blog my Look of the Month every month end! (:
I will still blog up random things or pictures or food or whatever that is new.

Though, I won't be blogging too often, you all can follow me on twitter @KiyomiLim or Facebook!
I'll definitely put up there once I update. Or you can even subscribe to my blog using google!
Up to you (: I just hope that you won't forget me. 

So I will just be who I was and lead my original life.

Thank you all for being here with me through my thick and thins.
Thank you blog, thank you everyone reading this.



  1. Whatever hapens, we'll always be here for you. Wish you all the best :)

  2. We will always be here for you and it doesn't really mater What or how often you Blog. We love you for who you are.. <3...

  3. We will still support you in the future ^o^ We love you :D

  4. Your english is so... clear in this post! haha

  5. Stay strong, love! <3 You have many people who support you. c:

  6. keep smile kiyomi! :D well, life is never so easy... so keep strong, praying and stay cute. . There are those who cherish u :)