Sunday 1 April 2012

Food @ Cineleisure with Uptowngirls.

Hi all,

I guess it have been sometime since I last tried to make you all hungry! Hahaha!
I remember I used to post so much about food on my blog! Like... almost everyday!
& then was the time when I was SUPER FAT! > < !

So after I've decided to slim down I don't post much about food anymore..

My group, THEUPTOWNGIRLS, have eaten at different places in Cineleisure 
& we all will post on different restaurant each! ^^

But here I am again, blogging about FOOD!
*I guess it isn't bad to eat like a glutton once in a while~

So I'm going to write on 2 places today~
1. Shokudo Japanese Coffee House
2. Nihon Mura

I'm going to start with Shokudo Japanese Coffee House! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 

The reason why I chose to write about this is because 
I believe that my readers would be more interested in Japanese style food right?
*kyaaa, I hope that I'm not wrong~

Okayokay, back to food!

Shokudo have A LOT of different variety of food for you to choose from~

Awesome-looking desserts, Japanese traditional snacks, Westerners inspired Japanese snacks,
Japanese traditional meal and Westerners inspired meals!

They have fish and chips & those chopschopschops 
(e.g. chicken chop)

They also have super thin and special pizzas!

I ordered the Ebi Tempura and Mango Haru Maki!

Just looking at it makes you drooooool isn't it~!

This is one of their Signature dishes!

I really like the combination of mango and tempura,
it gives this really special taste where mango is sweet and tempura is fragrant in a salt-ish manner.
The sauce that they have with the hand roll  is a good combination too!
The cucumber also adds-on a refreshing finish~

I like the texture of the roll too!
Crunchy cucumber and prawn tempura~
Fresh vegetable and mango~

Can you imagine the taste in your mouth now?

I think I'm making your mouth feel bland cause you would be craving for this combination right?!

& Lastly, I would like to say that I love this dish! 

Okay, lets go on to the next dish I had at Shokudo~

It's the Hokkaido-style Curry Mashed Potato Pizza!

You all should try their pizzas they have because.....


It's chewy and really awesome! ^^

The pizza's crust is really crispy just like potato chips! Hahah!


I feel that the Hokkaido-style Curry Mashed Potato tastes like Curry Puff's potato!
A little too plain ~
It's a little plain for it's price as there's no other toppings like meat or mushrooms on it!

 You all can try other flavours from them! 
I think it will be much better as the rest have other toppings!

They have really good service as the staffs are really polite, when they saw that my warm water is finishing,
 they "automatically" changed a cup of full warm water for me.

Next next next, I shall talk about their ambience yo~

They have sauces, chilli pepper, cheese, salt and pepper ready for you!
& they even ask for feedbacks to be sent via e-mail to them~ 

They're ambience was so romantic at night/on a dark rainy day,
& so peacefully bright in the day.

I love where they are located at!

A good place to dine with your "other-half" during valentines too~

One BIGBIG problem is that....

I witnessed a popcorn threw down by inconsiderate teenagers from the above level!

I think they should do something about this problem,
perhaps put up a net above or put up some sort of "warning" 
to the people above to stop them from doing so.

their food is good, service is awesome and ambience is rather awesome!
Their price is quite expensive as it's more to the Atas~ side for their ambience and dining experience~
*a price to pay for peace I guess?~

Location: #02-06A/B (in Cineleisure)
Opening Hours: 12pm - 12am
Contact: 6238 0525

Some of the designs above taken frm Shokudo's website.


So now I'm going to talk about Nihon Mura~

Sushi is like snacking to me! 
I don't really like to eat sushi as full meals because I would end up eating lots of rice!

So I just went there and sat there then.... 
Pick from the belt~

So here are some of the items I picked! 
*I didn't order buffet because I don't eat a lot of rice ^^

Hehehe~ Crunchy crunchy Salmon Skin <3

 I feel that Nihon Mura's Sushi-s are really tasty! ^^
It's tasty and tastes like sushi! Haha.
They are also economically affordable!

So if you're going there to snack-off like me, you won't have to choose "buffet" but "ala-carte" 
I only spent around SGD7 on my total experience there!

Hmmmm, Nihon Mura's ambience isn't as good as compared to Shokudo 
but Nihon Mura is so much cheaper!! 

It's quite squeezy there too...

Will definitely visit again when I just need to snack-off real fast to kill like 20-30mins!
As I don't really like to "dine-in" a not-so-clean area~
*not that it's dirty just not so clean!

Location: #04-02 
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 11.30am – 10pm (Last Order @ 9.30pm); 
Fri & Eve of PH 11.30am – 1.30am (Last Order @ 1.00am); 
Sat 11.00am – 1.30am (Last Order @ 1.00am); 
Sun 11.00am – 10pm (Last Order @ 9.30pm) 
Contact: 6737 2650 

So... I guess there's pros and cons in every restaurant > <  


Lastly~ a bonus review for you all!


I had the Chocolate Mint Milk Tea!

"Give in to temptation - drink this within 2 hours!"
*xo-mmg, I love this phrase!

As you can see from above pictures~
everything is so artsy at artease! ^^
Their drinks are all very creative~

My chocolate mint milk tea kept me going for 30mins, drinking non-stop!
Refreshing and chocolatey at the same time!

You can even choose to dine-in, they have tables ready for you.
*just that it's a little hot in there~

Their pearl is awesome! You can choose from Mini Pearls or Normal Pearls!
I personally prefer Normal Pearls!

They are located at a very obvious area in Level 1 !

& this is definitely one of the things you shouldn't miss from Cineleisure~

Venice on Pasta Mania and Best Fries Forever!
Jessica on Javier's and Graffiti Cafe!

That's all for today and byee-bee.

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