Monday 14 May 2012

Ad: Cute little strawberries!

Anyone of you watches Budget Barbie?
If you do, you should be no alien to Cute Little Strawberries.
Budget Barbie's host, Qiu qiu, had previously introduced this awesome blogshop 
that sells accessories at low prices.

I have been so crazy over fake collars now a days, I love the effects that they give!
Especially that I've got short hair now, so the fake collars have gave me an extra spice to my empty looking neck!

It's quite hard to find a variety of designs out there now a days, so here's cute little strawberries to the rescue! 

They are selling them at SGD11 per piece and SGD10 for 2 pieces! Inclusive of normal postage (: 
Just look at these tempting designs!

Other than fake collars, they also sell other things like bracelets! 
I really really love the bracelets so do check it out~ 

Other than the above mentioned items, they also have many many others~
Check them out here :  

Do remember to read their terms and conditions before buying!

Do like them on Facebook too !

Their spree is ending today so... shop now! 

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