Wednesday 16 May 2012

Get Kiladoll masks! *Kiladoll masks review*

Kiladoll masks are awesome!
*what a powerful statement to start with! > <

Well, I have tried these new Kiladoll's masks that will be available at 
Watsons, SASA, Pink beauty & BHG~

Here's the list of where you can get them :

1. Hyaluronic Acid Mask (Only Box) 
2. Diamond Platinum Mask (Only Box) 
3. Rose Moisturizing Mask (Only Box) 
4. Tranexamic Acid Mask (Only Box) 

1. Hyaluronic Acid Mask 
2. Diamond Platinum Mask 
3. Rose Moisturizing Mask 
4. Tranexamic Acid Mask 
5. Sakura Mask 
6. Placenta Mask 
7. Red Wine Mask 

BHG / Pink Beauty 
1. Hyaluronic Acid Mask 
2. Diamond Platinum Mask 
3. Rose Moisturizing Mask 
4. Tranexamic Acid Mask 
5. Sakura Mask 
 6. Placenta Mask 
7. Red Wine Mask 
8. Pearl Mask 
9. Licorice Mask

I've tried their  Hyaluronic Acid mask, Diamond Platinum mask, Rose moisturizing mask and Tranexamic Acid Mask!

I love keeping a variety of masks to attend to different needs of my skin to maintain a pretty skin!

Review - Hyaluronic Acid mask :
It leaves your skin supple and moisturised~ I like how it keeps your skin bouncy all day (the next morning).
The mask smells a little, hmmmm, cough syrup? Hahah, I don't really like the smell though.
However, it's bearable and I like my pretty skin the next day so why not give it a try!

Review - Diamond Platinum mask :
I don't really have fine lines/ wrinkles, however, I do like what the mask do! *anti-aging* ~
It's like going for a jog each morning, you don't see immediate effects but at least you can feel it after that~
Many young people think that they do not need anti-aging products (which is true...), but at times, we can still try "maintaining our youth" by occassionally use anti-aging masks/ products!
We don't have to use them every week, maybe once every two weeks is a good choice.

Review - Rose moisturizing mask :
I like how it moisturises my skin at night and keep it well protected while I'm asleep.
Unlike the Hyaluronic acid mask, this mask helps more "during the night" while the Hyaluronic acid one helps you maintain the supple-ness the next day!
I always feel that it's not good to keep bottling your skin with hyaluronic acid, so I thought it may be good to switch to other "not-so-concentrated" moisturising products!
I would use the Hyaluronic acid ones once in a while and these moisturising ones more often!

Review - Tranexamic acid (whitening) mask :
I totally love this mask, it's my favourite! It doesn't "bleach" my face and turn it white though.
I like how bright my skin looks the next day! The brightening effects is awesome.
Many of us wants bright rather than dull skin isn't it? This mask is a good choice.

Overall review of all Kiladoll masks that I've tried :
All of these above masks are made from Japan's woodpulp fibre which really really fits all faces well!
I love how my blemishes recovers (not totally though) every next day after I use Kiladoll's masks.
The essence of the masks makes me feel comfortable in them and I can just leave it on and use my computer for 20mins then remove it and use for another 20mins and all the essence would be absorbed by my face!
These masks really helped to improve my skin condition so I totally love them! > <

That's all for today! Bye-bee.

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