Monday 21 May 2012

[Fashion : Recent favourites ! / DamselindisDress, aka]

Hello hello, 

So how are you all recently? Sorry, I have been delaying posts and not posting videos on Youtube these days.
I have been so busy with my studies as I've got new "competitors" in my class, 
I shall update more about that in my next post.

Alright, to the main point, I am proud to say that ... 


I totally fell in love with this webstore once I saw it online..
I was like, "ommigosh, I want this and I want that!". sells a huge variety of apparels to suit different styles that you all may prefer~

As for me.. I am recently in love with Nude/Sweet/Natural looking colours like beige, crayon pink~
I got tired of the "blackish" "dark" "cool" "ageha" look already > <

So what kind of colours combination do you like recently?

 From the above, I am absolutely mesmerised by the Cream Flora Shorts!

First, I would like to comment about the cutting of the shorts.
At the thigh-cuff area, it's loose and doesn't wraps our thighs up like a sushi roll!
This kind of cutting would make our not-so-skinny thigh much more appealing and look skinner.

Secondly, I am really obsessed with creme colours recenlty. It just makes you look so sweet naturally~
Plus, it won't look too heavy for casual wear and not too plain too.

 I am also impressed buy this DIDD creme crochet and lace frock~

It's a damselindisDress Design which means that you cannot find this design anywhere else!

If you don't like light colours like me, you can also take a look at other designs from their web store.

Do remember to quote "KiyomiLovesDidd" for 10% off your purchase!
Also, ships WORLDWIDE ^^ 
So don't worry if you're staying far away! All doesn't matter! > <  

Domestic: For all domestic orders we provide free normal postage. 
Registered Postage is available at an additonal charge of $2.24
International: For the convenience of all our international customers, we charge flat rate shipping. 
Select from standard shipping at SGD$15 or Express shipping at SGD$25.

So... Happy shopping! (:

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