Tuesday 22 May 2012

[Food: Kiyomi loves Pique Nique!]

I went with Esther (my classmate) to Pique Nique a few weeks back 
and this also proves how outdated these pictures are! > < 

Hehe, anyway, I have been in love with Picque Nique's food 
since the previous time I went there with Rachell (an old friend)

& I actually ordered what she ate the previous time. 
*side track: I really really miss her, haha, but I doubt that she sould miss me.*

Anyway, ya, I went to Pique Nique again and I ate this really really awesome beer-battered fish burger.
If you're going to Pique Nique anytime soon, do order their burgers! It's really the best of the best there.
I love their crispy burger (bread), their awesome tasting beer-battered fish and their surprisingly fresh lettuce.

My friend ordered the Mac'n'Cheese~
Their cheese is fabulously chewy and their 'white sauce' accompanied with the cheese is not too heavy.
Plus, their portion isn't too big that you won't get sick and tired of the overloading cheese.

They also have a comfortable environment, their naturally decorated ambience makes me feel relaxed.

That's all for this post
and if you were to visit Pique Nique or you have done so before, do leave a comment!
Tell me how you feel about this place ^^

Thank you for reading!


  1. Hahahah!! I think it's really cool! > < Utensils in a bucket!

  2. why are you holding the bucket of utensils? hahaha!