Wednesday 2 May 2012

GV movie experience with UncleTehpeng~

Yepp, so this is a continuous post from the previous post on my Golden Village experience here : 

I have invited UncleTehpeng to come along with me for this movie 
so that I would have a blogging buddy around to share pictures.
Lucky enough... I forgot to bring my camera on that day so I had to use Tehpeng's camera! 
Lucky lucky that I chose to invite him!

Btw, here's Tehpeng's post on the movie experience here : 

So after the movie Tehpeng and I went to look for makan makan (food).
We were super facinated by how big that shopping centre is.
There's so many places to buy clothes! So many pretty and low priced apparels!
We went into NET and found SO MANY MANY pretty clothes!

[Busy shopping so no pictures!]

What's more? I bought a T-shirt for my more-than-choosy boyfriend!
I'm such a good gf, hahaha, thinking of him where ever I am~ 

After that, we finally settled down at Carls Jr. for our late lunch/ dinner.
Carls Jr. 's burgers are just so HUGE!

Tehpeng ordered this Superstar burger or whatever and it was HUGE, 
like almost double of the size of my burger! 

& I thought that mine was humongous already. 
I really love Salsa sauce and Carls Jr. 's free flow of drinks.

Their original cut fries is superb too. Hahaha, however, Carls Jr. isn't cheap T-T 
I spent 8.90 while Tehpeng spent like 11.90? 

After having our late lunch/ dinner we took a train back home 
& took pictures on the train! 

So that's all for my whole experience at Jurong Point! 

Signing off,
Kiyomi Lim > <

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