Wednesday 2 May 2012

Jurong Point Golden Village Re-opening with Aunty Lucy! & Avengers! (:

What a long title.... 

How long haven't I posted pictures of myself on my blog or more of the "lifestyle posts"? 
Must have been very very long I guess. 
There's more of pictures in my post today! It's about my experience at Golden Village Jurong Point.

I was super shocked when I went to Jurong point as I wouldn't have expected a shopping centre located in neighbourhood area like Jurong to be so crowded. The amount of people in the shopping center as well as all the restaurants is super scarey. The crowd seemed endless.

Lets go back to the main point, I'll leave the rest about Jurong Point to my next post (:

I went to Jurong Point to watch Avengers & experiece their all awesome new renovated cinema!
The new spacious seats are so much better and I see the huge improvement.
I was late so I had to sit infront, so my neck was totally sore after the whole movie.
So one point to take note of? Please don't sit infront! Buy your tickets early! Hhaha.
The seat is really clean and I love the ambience as well as the colour of their new chair.
Their nice sound system is really cool too. Now you can enjoy good movies at Golden Village too.

Me in the theatre!

Other than Jurong Point, the GV cinema at Shaw in Orchard is good too or say even better!
So if you're at Orchard, why not choose to go to GV to watch your movie instead (:
You won't regret your experience there. > <

Aunty Lucy (a local celebrity) was there too, she's actually played by a man named Dennis Chew.
To my very surprise, he's very very very humble! Me likey ^^

Hahah, now to my movie review on Avengers

Avengers movie was full of action pack stunts and awesome graphics.
It's quite a movie to watch however with a little "boringness" included because their trailer was too awesome, so I was disappointed.
If I hadn't expect so much from the movie thanks to their marketing and trailer of how much I should expect, it was quite of a disappointing experience.
Stark wasn't so funny afterall!


Still, do watch this movie if you are a huge fan of marvel super heroes! Me love them <3

Some of the bloggers had an interview with after the event too! (:

Then we had a group photo with Omy's Executive Photographer/ Videographer!

That's all for this post! Bye-bee.

Add-on : 
To view their opening promotions, please click on the link below!

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  1. Can i know where u get the black pull over with hoodie that u wear in this post?