Monday 4 June 2012

Heroine's Make-up Event

About a week back, I attended this Heroine's make-up event held at Mandom's office~

Their really really sweet to sent a rose with an invitation attached~
I believe anyone who received it would have attended the event as it was such a pretty invitation.

& I finished the pastries even before the event ended. LOL~ 

We were supposed to attend the event without any eye make-up!

So there was this challenge, where we are supposed to see who's eyes "enlarged" the biggest~
& sorry to disappoint you guys, my eye "enlargement" was one of the smallest! > <
The smallest was 0.6cm and mine was 0.7cm increament only. T-T

Well~ I guess I'm not so good at doing make-up without the help of my false lashes~

The winner was Tsuriki (Trixie) who miraculously enlarged her eyes by 2cm!
& that's her and the supposed-to-be prince charming of the day~
(the brand manager for Gatsby)

& we all went home with a goodie bag.
I will do up a full review post of the products, which I feel is worth-buying.

& one of them is this :

I will talk more about it very very soon and sorry for making you all wait so long for my posts!

Byebye! (:


  1. oh I've read good stuff about Heroine, but I've never tried it (what with buying from eBay, I only stick to Dolly Wink..). Can't wait to read your reviews!

  2. Interesting event, but whether your eye increment was small, I still think you look cute. :D You have pretty big eyes to start with so be happy about that. :)

  3. The event looks so amazing! I would love to go to one someday!

  4. such a cute event! seems like lot of fun and i guess you also had the chance to improve your makeup skills. i wish there would exist such events also here in germany v.v
    ♥ ♥