Monday 4 June 2012

Mc Donalds Delivery, Singapore. Review/Rant.

This post will mostly be my rant about my bad experiences with Mc Delivery services.
I used to had nice experiences with Mc Donald's delivery but recently, their services have been VERY BAD.

I wonder how many of you ordered Mc Delivery and met up with the following problems:
-Delayed delivery EVEN after 75mins wait.
-Deliveryman CALLS you, using the number stated on your order form to ASK YOU OUT.
-Deliveryman FORGETS to delivery all your orders.

These happened within a month. Seriously, May-June isn't a good time for Macs is it?

& also, rising delivery service charges in exchange of lower quality service?

I am too lazy to type my FULL experience and rather use my time to blog more about my happy stuffs.
So, do remember to reconsider Mcdelivery to going to Mc Donald's outlet to get some.

Now that I've experienced all above problems, I would seriously reconsider if I should ever call for Mac's delivery service again.

I hope you all will have happy experiences instead! ^^


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