Thursday 21 June 2012

[Just random thoughts: My Twitter.]

Talking about love, isn't wrong.

I don't really understand when most people tweet about love.
It isn't wrong to talk about love in social media platforms either.
In fact, there's no right and wrong in social media, everyone just says what they like.

However, I believe that love isn't always about boy-girl relationships (BGR).
Sometimes, I tweet 'love' referring to friendship.
When I do so, I got many replies asking me if I had a tiff with my boyfriend.
Honestly, I don't really understand why people would like love to BGR.
Love is a big word that can be used on many people, be it your parents or friends.

Some people tweet love in a way that they always refer to sex.
Reading these tweets made me really uncomfortable, I don't know if it's just me.
It makes me keep a distant with this person who pointed it out.
It just makes me feel like, it's so obscene and inapporiate.
Does love really really need to link up with sex? I don't understand, however, it is not wrong.
I don't find it wrong, it's just that when I read these stuffs, I tend to distant from that person.

The world judge, little tweets/speech/words/actions give impression.
In this social media era, we won't know who is reading and who are the potential readers.
Once the impression is made, it is hard to undo.
You won't know if in the future these people will come to hurt you due to little things you say.
We can't predict what people's action on us once they read about us/ hear about us/ see about us.
We won't know what people will spread about us.

To be very very honest, I don't understand the feeling of being ulti-insecure, many people are talking to me about.
I don't know how people feel about their boyfriends, I don't know what girls are thinking now a days.
Many people came to me to tell me that I've got a total different approach in life.
Many told me that I am really realistic.
I don't believe in fairy tales. I don't believe in words.


I tweet love, I tweet anything that comes to my mind.
I am random, my words may not mean anything.
I tweet my mood, I tweet my pictures, I tweet updates.

I tweet when I am high, I tweet when I am low.
I tweet when it is sunny, I tweet when it is rainy.
I tweet about me, I tweet about you.

So, follow me maybe?


  1. Lol and you provide free entertainment for all. Isn't it all the same? Not just focusing on the difference between bickering and quarreling.

  2. Ermm. Bickering is one point but quarreling is another. I dont @ mention him and scold him. Just minor things like "hey reply" isnt quarreling..

  3. But, u although u always tell others that you should not bicker with other half in twitter for all to see, it's quite apparent that you do it all the time for all to see. Tsk Tsk...