Thursday 21 June 2012

[Circle Lens Review: Luxury 34 Red]

Yay! It's time for me to do some reviews on circle lenses.
I know I don't usually do these reviews but I think I will be doing more of them soon!
I realised that I have been wearing different lenses but not tell you all where I got them or if they are good.


Brand: Luxury Babe
Official Website: 
Country of Origin: Malaysia
Manufacturing Country: Korea

Model: Luxury 34
Colour: Red
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.7

Under Ring Light.


Comfort Level: 3/5

- The lens is too moist and tends to "swim" around in my eyes when I blink for the first 40mins-1hour of wear.
- Slightly too dry after 5 hours of wear.

Enlarging Effect: 5/5 

- This pair of lenses is huge, 16mm. The design with black rim also enhances this effect.

Design: 5/5
Colour: 3/5 

-The colour is obvious with flash and maroonish without (:
I love the effect, so I wont go around looking like a vampire.

-There's little heart shapes in this design which is really cute and fun!

In room lighting.

Where to get them? (through messaging system)
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  2. Base curve is the size of the lenses! (: Like S/M/L kind of thing! The optician has to check it out if you suit the size!

  3. Yay! Must be really pretty! Do review it!

  4. I like! I got myself a pair of red lenses coming too ^^ so excited!

  5. Nice lenses! I really like the colour :)
    What does the base curve mean? Like does a higher number mean it's more comfortable or something?