Friday 27 July 2012

[Just random thoughts: Being judged]

People judge us, tries to know more about us, then talk about us with what they know and observe.
Is that 'you' that people understand you to be, really you?

Since young, teachers have judged us. 
Based on teacher's comments on our report cards, our parents judges us.
Based on our results everyone judges us.
We're always being compared, always living in a society that everyone 'understands' us using their eyes and ears.
For, they believe in what they see. Some even believe in what they hear from others.

We judge others too, so what if sometimes we really just don't give a flying damn?
We still try to compare our results or 'character' written in the report cards to feel better in front of our parents.

When we get older, we are now free from teachers and free from schoolmates who judges us.
Yet, we're still living in this judgmental world
People judges us to be normal/sane/unique/mad/insane/crazy or whatever that they see. 
I have also realised that people tend to believe in what they hear from others more than from what they see themselves and what they hear from the person him/herself.

Most of us hates this feeling of being judged by others,
sometimes we're even being accused to be someone we're not. 
It's annoying how others don't choose to trust what they see or hear from us but from other people who may not even know us directly.

No one in this world will ever know us more than us. 
Only we know what is deep inside us. Even when we choose to voice out what's inside, who believes? 

Since we know that everyone is judging, there are still this bunch of people we would want to please.
We will still want this certain people to see/judge us by what we want them to believe to be 'us'.

All these judging that's going on in the world makes people mask who they really are inside.
To please is to mask. How are we supposed to please others when all we do is show what's inside?
We're unhappy about the shits that's happening today, but when we see our client/boss/colleagues/customers, we still need to smile like nothing happened, isn't it?

When we only see the bad in others and not in us, we tend to call some others 'hypocritical creatures',
Sometimes, aren't we just hypocritical as well?

Hypocritical may not be a right word to use on people who mask their feelings but people who uses this mask to harm others inside.

Many people just don't understand this fact that when they mention hypocritical they are just pointing fingers at this certain person that masks his/her feelings in front of others although that people have not done any harm to any people around him/her at all.

Since the world is so judgmental, it causes a certain group of people to 'victimise' themselves all the time.
When speak of their mistakes, they will just make it sound like they haven't done anything wrong.
I have seen so many of these kind of people and it's quite annoying.
When you hear them speak of incidences, you won't even hear a single mistake that's their fault.
All they do is point fingers. I don't blame them because it was the society that caused them to be like that, but I'm just annoyed.
I'm someone who would tell them straight and ask them if them realllly hadn't done anything wrong.
& Usually I'm the one who annoys them too. LOL.

There's so many bad things about judging, but are there good things? 

If teachers don't judge, how are they to know your potential and try to polish you?
If parents don't judge, how are they supposed to discipline you?
If schoolmates don't judge, will there be competition and improvement in the cohort?
If bosses don't judge, will you have a chance to be promoted?

& IF you don't judge,
will you know which are the people to make friends with/ to be friendly with?
will you know who to choose to trust?
will you know how well you're doing in school?
will you be able to differentiate between the right and the wrong?

There's always pros and cons in this world, sometimes we just need to take a look at both sides.
We can't stop people from judging and we can't stop judging others.
So why not just start trying to live our lives in a much more happier manner by doing things that makes us happy instead?

If being hypocritical makes you happy, so be it.
If being the 'victim' makes you happy, so be it.
If being straight-forward makes you happy, so be it.

Signing off,
Kiyomi Lim.


  1. This is a long post worth reading. You totally made an absolute point here, Kiyomi. :) People will always be judges of themselves and other people as well.
    Im recommending this post. :)

  2. I totally agree~! I love this post of yours...well said :)