Saturday 21 July 2012

[Just random thoughts: Marriage 2]

This post is something like a follow up for my previous post on "Marriage".

In the previous post, I mentioned that I'm not against getting married young 
& said my views upon marriage. 
I've changed but my views on marriage haven't, but why am I still typing this 'follow-up' post?
It is because, there are more things that I would like to express on this topic. 

This time I'm going to talk about what I feel about people saying about "Why get Married?".

I mentioned in the previous post :
"Because getting married is the point when you dedicate yourself to your other half.
It's when you both are rightfully acknowleged as one.
When two individuals come together to become one, a family." 

People say that getting married is like adding on burdens on your shoulders.
They say that they rather stay as partners or going into continuous relationships.

One question to them, will that 'partner' or 'girlfriend/boyfriend' stay with you through the bad times?

In my opinion, I think they may not. If they will OR even if YOU will, you would have married him/her.
If you think you guys can go through the bad times together, why not get married in the first place.
Face every obstacles that goes along your way, together.

Some may argue, Wifes/Husbands may also leave during the bad times isn't it?

Yes, I agree with this. These wife(s) or husband(s) that leaves might do so because life's too tough for them to bear. They may feel that they can no longer live in such harsh conditions.
Yes, they are weak, but they are stronger than those who don't even have the guts to vow to love you forever. They may be weak, but they once loved their husband/wife with all they had that they had the courage to walk into that church to vow to love each other till the very end, till their very limit.

There's nothing wrong with divorce. People changes, situation changes, life changes. 
Your love can be strong but your will can be weak.

When people look at couples married for 50years, still holding hands, they always envy them and want a relationship like theirs.

I'm not the same. When I see them, I will get that tinge of 'heart break'.
If I'm 70 and still holding hands with my husband walking down the streets, all I can wish for is another day with him and not wanting to let go, knowing that either of us will pass away soon enough and not being able to love each other anymore.
I would be thinking, if I would die first, or him? I would be wondering if I can still see him if death really brought us apart.

What's more? We don't even know when we will die even if we're young.
There are so many accidents happening every day, every minute.
How many of these accidents tore people apart?
They took away young couples, old couples, middle-ages couples.
They took away a blissful family, a good sibling, a wonderful parent.

We can't predict the future but the least we can do is make a promise, a promise to love, to care, no matter good or bad times, to be true to your partner, from the day of your marriage on, till death do you both apart.

Still, ready for marriage or not ready for marriage is still different issues all together as marriage is still not about 2 people's feelings but 2 families and all lives involved.

Written by, Kiyomi Lim.
*Still haven't switched on my laptop to complete my other posts! Sorry! > <

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