Sunday 8 July 2012

[Slimming Products Review: DHC New Slim]

Personally, I have tried Slimspa Bodyworx, Bioslim Slimming Tea as well as DHC New Slim.
Shall blog about Slimspa Bodyworx and Bioslim Slimming Tea some posts later.

I bought DHC New Slim because I saw it on Popteen! Haha.

There's 120 pills inside for 1 month consumption based on 4pills/day dosage!

DHC New Slim contains:
-Algae Powder
-Gymnema Extract Powder
-Citrus Aurantium Extract Powder
-Melilot Extract powder
-Du Zhong Extract Powder
-Barley Extract Powder
*Ingredients are naturally derived. 

Shall start talking about the Pill's size and "Taste" first :
- The pills are tiny and coated/slippery, thus easy to swallow. No after-taste.
- When kept in mouth for too long, it's not bitter but there's this herbal taste.
*because I couldn't find my water at some times and popped the pills in first

Effects :
- Effects can only be felt/seen after 1-2 weeks of constant consumption.
- Before 1-2 weeks, my appetite wasn't affected, I was still eating like a pig.
*My weight didn't increase/decrease.
- After 1-2weeks, the effects started coming in, was shock to realise that it makes a difference.
*My weight decreases.

I take 2 pills in the morning 20mins before breakfast and 1 pill in the afternoon 20mins before lunch, I tried not eating dinner because I told myself not to eat after 8pm and ended up not eating dinner.

So, after 1-2weeks, these was how I felt :
- Body feels warm 20mins after taking the pills.
*It feels like it's working on your fats by increasing your body temperature.
- It makes me feel slightly full and controls my food intake during your meal.
*Started burping when main course was only 1/3 finished.
- I didn't feel like eating much breakfast and until lunch I felt like I was full enough to not eat for the whole day.
- I still savor over food in front of me/ in the computer screen/ when I'm shopping, but the "full-ness" allowed me to turn away from them.
*Quite awesome I guess.
- Doesn't increase my heart rate much & doesn't affect my sleeping patterns.
- Still goes to the toilet normally

Side Effects :
- Slight gastric at night, but got used to it soon enough.
*Might be due to me not eating dinner
- I stopped working out as much as before
*Might be due to the guilt-free feeling of not eating as much as before.
- Urine becomes green in colour after 3 days of consumption and it's still green until 2 weeks later. Becomes back to normal right after not consuming it.
*Not sure if it's a bad thing.

Overall verdict :
-It is good in controlling weight though effects isn't seen before 1-2 weeks of consumption.
*I'm personally quite afraid of things that has fast effects because I think that it may harm my body due to potent ingredients
-Overall, I kind of like the feeling of this pill though effects are slow. I will continue buying and consuming it. 
-It's available at Watsons everywhere, so it's convenient to get.
- This is already my 2nd packet.

That's all for this post! > <


  1. Hi sorry for the late reply, I feel real sad for it too. I have sausage arms but well, we can only make it look toner by doing dips.

  2. Do you know of any ways to make your arms smaller? Not much but at least a little?dont you feel upset that your arms are naturally huge?i do feel for myself): feel so insecure and feel like having some slimming programme for it.

  3. Nope. Not much because my arms are naturally real big.

  4. 3kgs in 3weeks. My height is 158 and weight lost about 3kgs in 3 weeks now, 42kg

  5. Its about 40 plus from watsons. I lost 3kgs in 3 weeks

  6. how much does it cost? :)

  7. does your arms get smaller?

  8. How much weight did you actually lost? :)

  9. how much is it? and how much did you lost your fat? im in the need to lose weight ><!

  10. Hi! It's available in Watsons because it's imported by Watsons co. !

  11. I'll drink Milo at night *hope it helps* thanks sweetie!

  12. Hahahha, i'm not very sure but I guess it's because I'm not used to putting pictures into a post without my face! > < & that pic was far too empty!

  13. Cool Funky Lightblue24 November 2013 at 10:03

    Where did you buy it from? Is it available in guardian or watsons?

  14. :( please eat even a small amount of food at night kiyomi, the acid in your body especially at night does not have anything to burn anymore since you don't eat anything :<
    i have gastroenteritis due to this same thing also, yes i lost weight but then it increase the risk of potential problems >< , gastritis hurts like hell T.T