Friday 6 July 2012

[First Attempt: Eco-friendli-yomi] for SBA2012

I was told to do a video on this word Eco, I have never attempted something like this in my life.
Bringing a video camera out of my house, putting it on a tripod and recorded myself in it.
This was definitely a tough one, I needed to brainstorm as the word Eco was really big.
I had 2 sleepless nights thanks to thinking about this topic.
*I know 2 isn't a lot.. but still.. hahah.

Side note before you watch this video:
-Please remember to imagine that there's transitions T-T 
-Please imagine a "Superman" theme song at the part where I tried to act like a recycling super girl!
-Please try to imagine as many special effects where possible!
-Please please please watch it with all your heart because I used up almost all of mine to make this possible.

I only have Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker, the 2 most basic "makers".
I needed to have confidence to finish this task/project. (:
Worst to the worst, I found out that these 2 "makers"
DOES NOT support the movie files of the camcorder assigned to me.

I couldn't find ANY video converters that will do the magic, so all I could do is to use their Panasonic's default software that comes with the camera.
So I could only join the videos up and present them to you guys. T-T

There were also some pictures that I wanted to include on re-using
but I couldn't as the default software didn't allow..

So I'll just post them here:

It was an awesome experience and I really needed lots of courage to be speaking infront of the camera or say, to the camera in public. Where the public will just walk by and stare at you.

I'm very lucky to have filmed in a friendly neighbourhood where, when some families hesitated to walk pass me as they didn't want to disrupt my filming proccess. 

Well, though I was alone, I had lots of fun.

& I hope that all of you guys can try create an eco-friendly Singapore with me!
*Lets save the world, save the world today~ 


Oh, and here's my making of the newspaper gardening apron and hairband~


Well, I hope you all have enjoyed my video! > <
Bye busy bees.

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  1. Great video ! Haha ! You look so cute in it ! ^~^