Friday 27 July 2012

[Slimming Products Review: Slimspa Bodyworx]

First of all, I've decided to try Slimspa just for 1 reason : 
They had a personalised hot line for us to make enquiries during their office hours.

I've called in and their consultant was friendly and helpful.
I told her my needs and wants, she then recommended me with Slimspa Bodyworx.

What I wanted was something that will help me burn my fats while not having the side-effects of making me feel weak or not wanting to exercise. I wanted to go on the "healthier way".
*Though taking pills is never healthy. 

Honestly, Slimspa is quite an expensive product to buy. It is said that their product is made up of high quality ingredients thus explaining it's price.

Bodyworx did cost me a bomb but I was willing to try.
*FYI, I always love trying out new stuffs. 

#It is written on the box that you have to be ABOVE 17 years of age to take this pill.

Helpfulness/ Usefulness : 4.5/5stars
*I lost quite a lot of weight from using this product.

First of all, people will ask, is it useful/helpful in anyway?

- To be extremely honest with you guys, it's not that useful but very helpful.
- It helped me to become much more active which in return was supposed to make me shed some weight.
- After taking the pills, 1 in the morning 2 in the afternoon 1 at night, I started jogging longer distances.
- It makes me feels full all day BUT I would still eat a lot, my body aches more too.
*I think it's due to me being much more active and jogging longer distances without feeling tired at all.
- Yes, I didn't feel tired during exercising at all, all I felt was over used muscles, no cramps though. \
- Does not cause diarrhoea.

Side Effects :

What I hate about the product is the side effects.
- When I tried to increase my dosage to 2 in the morning 3 in the afternoon 2 at night (the dosage stated on the box), my body couldn't take it at all. I felt horrible, my chest was burning hot and I could feel how hard my heart was beating. I feel really hot on the outside too.
- Though it felt like it was burning fats more, it felt really horrible so I totally stopped taking this product after facing this effects for 2 days.
*I thought the 1st day was due to something else, I tried the 2nd day and the effects persists.

Pill size/ ease of swallowing : 4.5/5 stars.
- The pills was big but easily to swallow as it's in a capsules form (:

 Overall : 4/5 stars

- I really hate the side effects but I think it wouldn't be a problem if I continued taking it at 1 in the morning 2 in the afternoon and  1 at night.
- It was easy to swallow and I love how much I could jog/exercise with it's help.
- I was confident to shed weight after taking this product and felt healthier.
*before I increased the intake

That is all for this review!

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