Saturday 28 July 2012

[Slimming Products Review: QuquttoLeg / キュキュッとレッグ]

I have never believed in wearing slimming socks or slimming pants or slimming belts.
I felt that wearing these compression stuffs to slim down was outrageously stupid as I thought it just gives us the 'illusion' that we've turned slimmer while wearing it.
I couldn't buy the fact that it helps us burn fats or squeeze our fats away. 

I was told to try these socks by a friend, and let her know if it's useful, as she found it useful after trying it.
My first reaction was, "What?! How can squeezing yourself make you slim, I rather exercise."
She some how or rather persuaded me and I've decided to give it a try.

I put it on after bathing, at night, before bed, then went to sleep.
The next morning, I looked into the mirror with disbelief. My thighs were slimmer.
I didn't much pay attention to my calves because they were never a problem for me, but my thighs.
I thought these socks wouldn't make a difference but I was very wrong.

In order to try prove to myself that it was just an 'illusion', I took out my measuring tape and measured my thighs. To realise, I wasn't dreaming at all. My thighs were 'shrunked' by 0.5cm.

I hurriedly took a picture as 'proof' and continued wearing the socks for the next few days.
However, I did not wear them consistently. I was too lazy to put them on for some nights.

2 weeks later, I measured again, my thighs became smaller again, this time, I lost 1.5cm in total.
I took a picture again to compare the difference & posted it on instagram.
Some people told me that they couldn't see the difference, but some asked me where I got the socks.
I did not want to tell people about the socks yet as the results wasn't, too much, visible yet.

After that day, I wore the socks consistently, I wore them every night.
I thought the socks wouldn't make much difference any more as my thighs might have reached some certain size that could no longer slim down using these socks.

However, I was wrong.
4 weeks later, I realised that my thighs were much slimmer.
I measured my thighs again and this time, I lost 5cm in total.

So this story taught me to be less stubborn on trying new products. Haha.

Overall, I rate this product 5/5 stars.

During the first few weeks, my thighs started to look darker. 
*Which might be due to the improved blood circulation.

However, a few weeks later, my legs became brighter and thinner.
I guess it's another plus point for this product! (: 


Comfort level : 5/5 stars
-I did not feel any discomfort while wearing, it wasn't stuffy. It kept my legs cool and dry for the night.
-It was quite tight but the 'tightness' was bearable and I could hardly feel the pressure after a few minutes.

Design : 5/5 stars
-I love the cutesy colours designed by the Popteen models! > <
-The open toes cutting was rather helpful as my I can tip toe to the toilet when my toilet's floor is wet.

Effect : 5/5 stars
-I lost 5cm in total, how can I not rate it's effectiveness with full marks?! ^ ^ I've nothing more to say about the effects, however, the results varies based on individuals...


Watsons is selling similar compression stockings with almost-same specifications at above SGD46.

This product was given to me by, which is owned by a friend of mine.
They are only selling the socks at SGD29.90, an unbelievable price.

The product is also featured on Japanese teen magazine, Popteen.
This product is really really the secret to having slim and beautiful legs the Japanese models have.

Well, lets all have slim and beautiful legs together! > <

More info. on the socks here:

*Slimming socks review*

Add-on (28/07/2012) :
- 1stly, before I used this product, I have already started my diet plan but my thighs DID NOT slim down.
- 2ndly, I believe my huge thighs were caused by my muscles which build up under my 'fats'
- 3rdly, I believe that without this product, my thigh wouldn't have slimmed down.

I'm impartial! 


  1. Hi. The one I wore on twitter isn't scholl's. It was from China. Some lousy one that loses effect after a few days. So I said I don't want to talk about it first. Lol. It was purple too. I didn't use the scholl's one before.

  2. Why did you say you use this when on Twitter you posted a picture of you wearing the Scholl one? Markerting for Shoponblog?

  3. I love to read your reviews :P

  4. I actually can't get this product (>.<) But thank you anyways~! :D

  5. I hope this product helps you too dear! > < I was glad to own this product and I hope it helps you too. Lets all have slimmer legs so as to be able to wear nicer clothes!

  6. Hi, here's my reply to your quiry on my objective.

    - 1stly, before I used this product, I have already started my diet plan but my thighs DID NOT slim down.
    - 2ndly, I believe my huge thighs were caused by my muscles which build up under my 'fats'
    - 3rdly, I believe that without this product, my thigh wouldn't have slimmed down.

    It was hard to slim down my thighs as I have been jogging a lot and my thighs have been increasing in size. I gained 2cm on my thighs after I started jogging.
    My thighs were hard and I did not know what to do with it till I tried this product.

    I hope this answers your question.

  7. How can this be objective? U wereon a weight losing programme, so no matter what your thighs will slim down, no? It's really quite entertaining to read your reviews.

  8. Oh my god thats so amazing!!! I wish I could get slimming tights! My thighs are the epitemy (idk if i spelled that right) of my weight despair! I hate them so much! Lucky Lucky Lucky! By the way, I love your new blog banner :D