Sunday 26 August 2012

[Cosme-review: Diamond Nose Makeup (Pink)]

I have been using Shading Powders aka Bronzers to do my contouring.
& I used the CandyDoll highlighter for highlighting before I've gotten this product. 

Recently, I've got the Diamond Nose Makeup which is supposed to be all-in-one.
It comes with a brush, 2 dark shades and 1 highlight.

The difference between just using a bronzer to contour your nose and using these kind of palettes, it's that, these palettes are able to give more of a 3D look to your nose.
Using just a bronzer requires much more accuracy and blending compared to a palette which has more than a shade and perfection isn't compulsory.

After using the Diamond Nose Makeup palette, I believe that it is suitable for both skilled and non-skilled personnel. However, this is just a basic palette. It is suitable for personal use but not for any professional usage.

So in conclusion, here are the

Pros :
- Simple and easy contour
- Not much tools needed, everything is inside, all-in-one.
- Portable, small in size.
- Colour suits many skin tone. 
- Gives a very 3D finish to your nose without harsh lines. A very natural finish.
- Very 'strong' colours and very 'blend-able'.
- Economical price.

Cons :
- The highlight in this palette is too strong, so you will have to use in moderation.
If you decide to 'spam' the white highlight on your nose, your decision is definitely not wise.
- The brush included is slightly too small, you will have to take a slightly longer time to colour if you don't have a bigger brush.

I rate this palette 4.5/5 stars.

The 0.5 stars is removed because beginners will have to use in moderation. 
It is not as simple as just brushing everything on your nose. 

You can view my video below to see how I use it if it is your first time considering to get a palette.

Overall, I like this product (: 

You all can get this palette at SGD24.90.
From Haraju-cute corner in Guardian

With SGD24.90, you should be able to use this product for 3-5months.
Do get this product if you are looking for one that defines your nose without very harsh lines.


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