Saturday 25 August 2012

[Just random thoughts: In the past...]

I was told that someone impersonated me and created a blog for herself.
I think I should really thank her for creating that blog which reminded me of one of my post that I removed from my blog some time back.

She copied and pasted one post that I posted last year, in September.
Though it was all written by me, I nearly forgot that I had once written that.

This is the blog that used my pictures and copied my post :

Here is my original post (which I have decided to re-publish though I 'draft-ed' it) :

I talked about how to make people jealous of you instead of being jealous of others.
& to be very very honest, I am someone who feels inferior to almost everyone.
However, I am also not someone who allows people to target me using this weakness I have.

That post merely talked about how I counter this inferior thoughts and overcome pessimism.
It might be a really simple post back then, but I feel that it somehow encouraged me when I was reading it just a few moments ago.

I can no longer recall how I felt when I typed that post. I can no longer feel how I felt then.
Maybe that 'innocence' or 'ignorance' I had back then was something that kept me optimistic about life.

The perspective of life I had was simple, was not stressful and was stupid. Yet, how I wish I could travel back in time, back to that time and live life that way again?

When looking back from where I am now, I know that my life can no longer be like before.
I have responsibilities, I have a distinct aim, a path to follow and a future I need to earn for.

Back to why I was encouraged by my own post, I lost that level of confidence I used to have.
I lost that drive to improve myself. I could no longer speak up without thinking twice about what I have to say or post.

After reading the post, I went into some self-searching.
I asked myself, why have I become who I am now? I asked am I better or just making myself miserable?
I came to a conclusion that what I am doing now is for the better of my future.
Yet, I still have to live life with optimism. I still need to have the confidence to speak.

I know that this post is pointless and out of total randomness.

I hope that you all read that post too, and maybe, you can get something from there like how I did.

Signing off,
Kiyomi Lim


  1. Hey, did u went AMK last friday? 24th Aug around 9pm+ :)

  2. yepp! (: I was there with my boyfriend!