Thursday 20 September 2012

[Make-up Video: Otona and Contour]

Oha ' yo-mi ' ~ !
A very very good morning ~ Today, my blog will be updated with many many posts.
I hope that it will keep you entertained for a while!

This blog post will be specially dedicated to my youtube channel's 2 latest videos~
The 'Otona Make-up by Kiyomi Lim' and 'Daily Contour'.

First of all, I would like to do an introduction about my latest Otona Make-up video.
This make-up was somewhat inspired from Murata Mari.
I have been viewing her pictures and wondering how do she look so 'classy' most of the time, while still having the tinge of Gyaru's cuteness/ innocence.

I think that it is important to choose the right make-up for the right occasions;
It would be funny if you did dramatic gyaru make-up for a casual lunch at a reknowned restaurant.
However, you do not have to fully 'give-up' on those falsies or eyelid stickers.

Style is still style, you don't have to throw away everything(your usual make-up) just to suit the event.
You can choose to blend in a little of everything to make you look presentable but still maintain your usual 'features', so that there won't be drastic changes to your face.
Plus, if you see a huge difference in your make-up, you might not feel comfortable with it too.
It is important to customise your make-up to suit you.

So here is my Gyaru-Otona make-up video and I hope that it does some help for you girls to explore into something same yet different at the same time.

Next I would like to show you girls the video on my daily contour.
I feel that it is important to make a video specially for daily contouring as contouring really makes a significant difference.
I believe that every little things that improves your look will add up to make your overall look much better.
So every little things do count!

I hope that these videos are inspirational or helpful to some of you!
Thank you for reading this space of mine! See you all back here this evening! Byebye!


  1. Your really cute i´m following thanks for that georgeus video tutorial...


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  2. I miss your blogpost :D