Tuesday 6 November 2012

[Experience: Examination]

I have left my blog dead for quite a long time.
Perhaps, people might feel that I'm irresponsible by just leaving my blog there and not posting anything.
I'm very sorry that I had to do this, but I had to be responsible for my life.

I'm going to talk about my examination experience on this post.
I haven't finish my O levels examination but it's about to end very soon.
3 more days, Thursday, my exams will finally come to an end.
These 3 days of 'break' before my final Science MCQ paper should be able to allow me to get myself back up from my 'hibernation mode'. I still need to revise for the last paper, though.

So here's my recount on my exams : 

I shall recall my first day of my English Oral Exam,
I believe everyone who have taken exams before would understand how I felt.
I was nervous, shivering, afraid, I felt like my life depended on this day and I had to do my very best.
Many people asked me, "Why?". They meant why do I have to try so hard after giving everything up.
One thing they won't understand is that, once you've given up before, you will try 1000 times as hard to gain it back. To put myself back on track. 
I've never felt such determination before, I've never wanted something as bad.
The day went well, I tried my very best to answer every question asked with composed thoughts and right phrasing.

Next paper was the Science Practical Exam,
I definitely lacked practice in Science Practical. I went into school by telling myself,
"Don't think too much, don't panic, JUST DO IT"
It was a difficult paper, but I didn't want to lose to it. I didn't want to give up.
I tried my best, I finished the paper way before time.
I have no confidence in this paper at all, but I can't have second thoughts on giving up.
Even if I'm unable to do well for this paper, I will still need to move forward and make sure that I ace everything else that's coming up.

The day of English Paper,
I was prepared for English paper. I sat in the examination classroom and it felt completely different from last year. Last year, I was unprepared. I was frantic. I did not know what I should do.
However, this time, I could clearly keep myself in peace of mind and attempt the examination question.

Maths Paper 1 and 2,
I practised many many questions on the 10 year series and assessment books just for this day.
I was excited, very zealous to see my exam paper. I attempted every question.
I felt as if all my practise have been put to test, however, there was still one question that I couldn't do.
All I could tell myself was, "I've tried my best".

For Science main papers,
To be honest about this, I was super unprepared. Most unprepared for science.
I've put in so much effort since the starting of the year yet, this was the paper that I have least confidence of.
I did not practise much for science paper and all I could rely on was my experience throughout the year.
When I started to write on the exam's answer sheet, all I could ask for is for a peace of mind to recall all that I've learnt. I believed that I've done my very best. I could finish all my papers on time.
I hope that my result will be good as well.

The Humanities papers,
I was with least confidence for Social studies. Especially after the exam, I was panicking.
I was wondering if my answer was acceptable. I've written all my knowledge that I could recall of on those pieces of paper and I really hope that it would do all my studies to justice.
However, I finished Social Studies paper almost only at the end of the exam. I tried all I could.
I was very very glad, very happy when I saw my Geography examination paper.
I felt like I was able to own that paper will all I could. I've written and answered every question precisely.
I believe that my Geography paper was a "God-blessed" paper. It was there to 'pull up' my Humanities.

Finally the Principles of Accounts paper,
This was one that I had the utmost confidence for, yet the paper that I was most unable to do my best for.
I practised with all my might since March this year. I've tried my best since then.
Yet, I fell ill one day before the paper. I've got fever of 37.9 degrees and vomited badly.
I picked up myself to go for the exam. Early 8 a.m. , I was weak and feeling unwell. I took panadol and tried my best to climb up to take this exam. I wanted to do my best.
I couldn't study the day before, and I couldn't study for it at all. All I could was to answer based on my memory and understanding.
I prayed hard that Father Lord would bless me and anoint me. With Him with me, I could do anything.
I gained peace and was blessed to feel better during the papers.
It was God-Blessed that I could do such miracle under such circumstance that I was feeling totally unwell and still feel alright for my papers.
I'm actually quite confident for this paper.

It's finally coming to the end and I really really want to get into a Junior College.
I pray for God's anointing in this and I believe that with all these hard work I've put in, I'll be able to make it.
With such determination, I shall do my best.

I know what I want in my life and I will work towards this goal.
It's finally the time of the year again but I feel completely different.
Although, I can't fully recall how I felt last year, I remembered how lost I felt.
I will never want to have that aimless feeling again, I shall not be that wanderer again.

Signing off,
Kiyomi Lim


  1. I was extremely pleased to find this website. I wanted to thank you for this good knowledge and I definitely enjoying every single small bit of it and I am looking forward to check out new stuff you post.

  2. Hello Kiyomi, I'm Cherie here!^_^ It definitely has been quite awhile already and I'm glad to know that you are still doing fine! :-) Anyway, I'd like to thank you for penning down this entry. It made me reflect on myself, especially academic wise. It made me realised how I've always been wasting my time away by sleeping/talking etc in class or skipping school when I could have made use of the time wisely to increase my knowledge, how I've not been working towards the goals that I've made, how 2012 is coming to an end soon already and I've not accomplished anything much, etc. I certainly felt ashamed of myself, and I'm definitely going to work hard in my academic when school starts next year. Thank you very much for enlightening me through this entry of yours! :D Thumbs up for your attitude and determination! ^^v

  3. Thank you so much Cherie! Do your best! I know you can!

  4. You want to go to a jc? I suggest you not. Cause it's really tough and is getting harder. I've been through it and its the worst 2 years of my life apart from all the friends I've made.

  5. I understand but I've really got no more time to waste and I could only take the risk. Nonetheless, thanks for the advice!