Monday 1 October 2012

[Adv: Haraju-cute! Box #2 Big Alluring Eyes]

Sweetie pies, have you waited long? 
It's time for an introduction to a few products you can find from Haraju-cute counters again!

Out of all these times, I've spotted a few Haraju-cute counters!
I've seen the one at Woodlands(Causeway Point), Orchard(Ngee Ann City/Takashimaya), Orchard(313@Somerset) and Yishun(Northpoint)!

The counters are so cute that attracts most of my attention and my eyes were always set on some Brigitte Cosmetics!

I'm here to tell you guys what are some secrets you can grab from Haraju-cute! to obtain big, beautiful and mesmerizing eyes. 

Here are the things I've received to share to you girls about!

One big secret is AB Mezikal Fibre and the AB Double Eye Liquid!

These are considered a 'secret' because it's an add-on to your eyes that not much people would notice.
Most of the time, people won't even realise this addition that makes a huge difference to your overall eye-make. With this, you will get natural and even-looking big and beautiful eyes.

Here's my review to AB Mezikal Fibre :
*Just to add on, the AB Mezikal Fibre is most comfortable compared to glues or tapes.

I've talked about this the previous time and if you haven't seen it, do click on the link to find out what I feel about the product!

I'll talk more about the Double Eye Liquid in this post,
The Automatic Beauty (AB) Double Eye Liquid is an alternative to the Mezikal Fibre.
However, I would recommend you to use both to get best results.

The AB Double Eye Liquid sticks your skin strongly together and doesn't come off easily.
It is not easy to use this product on it's own, or at times, it's quite uncomfortable to use it on its own.
This is because you will have to stick your eye lids strongly together making it difficult for you to blink.
It stretches your skin and may cause premature aging.

If using it with Mezikal Fibre, 'fasten' the front and the back of the Fibre on your eyelids!

My verdict: this product is good to create the look but it's not very practical for long hours of wear.

Next, I'll talk about the Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliner! Yipee!
Yes, the Haraju-cute! Coner has many many variety of Eyeliner to choose from!
So which one should you choose?!

Let me list the eyeliners they have --- Brigitte Black Liquid Eyeliner, Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliners, Rose of Versailles Liquid Eyeliners, Heat Jewel Eyeliners and AVANCE Liquid Eyeliners.

Meaning, in total, they have 5 different brands for you to choose from!
It's definitely a tough decision to make, but these eyeliners do have their own truimph card.
Be it prices, qualities and convenience of use~

I've tried 3/5 liquid eyeliners as of mentioned above; the Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliner, Rose of Versailles Liquid Eyeliner and AVANCE Liquid Eyeliner.
Out of the above 3, my favourite is Rose of Versailles which I have reviewed it here :

Well, so what I have to say about the Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliner today?
Bonavoce Liquid Eyeliner is slightly cheaper than the Rose of Versailles Liquid Eyeliner, costing only SGD19.90 compared to Rose of Versailles Liquid Eyeliner's SGD23.90.
A SGD4 difference but only slight difference in usefulness.

If Rose of Versailles get 5/5 Stars, I would rate this 4.5/5.
It is as dark as Rose of Versailles Eyeliner but only very very slightly less durable.
This one is also slightly softer on the tip or easier application at the corner for a 'wing effect'.
There's nothing much difference between the 2 except for the above mentioned; Price and durability.

If you're on a tight budget, why not try this out. Both the above have 0.1mm sharp tip and strong colour.

That is all I have to say for the above products today!
So do take a look at the Haraju-cute! corners if you happen to find Guardian right next to you~
Thank you for reading!

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