Saturday 22 June 2013

Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino (R) Blended Beverage

I met up with Family-Boy (aka Benvoda) a while back!
Miss this BRO-ther like mad! > <

I was without make-up and I look horrible! LOL!

He updated me on his latest "project" (The Fika Journey) on visiting cafes and writing reviews about them.

I guess he's gonna dive into this "project" soon (officially) and it would be very exciting!
I believe that he will be able to bring us into a realm of innovations and intrigue our taste buds with the interesting flavours he will start interacting with.

He got me all excited, and I asked him to bring me along with his journey to uncover this "hidden" scope within our "Uniquely Singapore", some day.... =/

Yepp, where else would be a nice place to sit around and chill while we dive into our engaging conversations discussing fresh ideas and updating each other on the latest events in our life? STARBUCKS.


Let me dive into my usual topic on "Hey Food, I want my Abs back.".

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I had the Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino (R) Blended Beverage today.
Just like any other day, I love love love this wonderful dessert coffee with it's Chocolatey Chips wonderfully infused into the usual mocha frappe.

*Just in case you do not know, you can choose whether or not to have whipped cream and to choose what kind of milk to be added into your coffee.

This Java Chip Frappucino (R) Blended Beverage
-- without whipped cream with full cream milk and size: Grande, I ordered was:

Calories: 340kcal
Carbs: 67g
Fats: 7g
Protein: 5g
Sodium: 0mg
Sugar: 62g

Feel free to track how much calories your Starbucks coffee contains here: 

Check our their 200kcal and below drinks:

Their Food:


I was required to be rather strong-willed to not order a cake to go along.
Cakes are sure tempting in Starbucks, however, their calories are boomz.

I actually forgone my dinner for this coffee 
because it contains more than enough calories for dinner! 

Not to worry, I wasn't starving myself. 
The coffee was filling as it contains quite a bit of milk.

If you're thirsty and just want a drink to hydrate yourself, 
do not grab a frappe because it wouldn't hydrate you enough! 

But if you're hungry and don't want to have a heavy meal, 
a frappe with non-fat milk would be a good choice for a late dinner! 

If you're craving for a cake, 
tell yourself there's always another day you can drop by again for lunch! 

*Do remember that you would need to sacrifice a whole lunch-meal for a cake with tea~ 


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